The 1963 March On Washington

 On Wednesday, August 28, 1963 a march was held in Washington, D.C., in the USA. It is one of the most important marches to ever happen in the United States. On Wednesday, August 28, 2013 it will be the 50th anniversary of what happen.
 What do you think this world would be like if this march didn’t happen?
 How much have things changed since the march happened?
 What are some of the things that you do that you think will help change the world?
 Here is a video that I made a few years ago of the day that the “March on Washington For Jobs and Freedom” happened. Hope that you enjoy it.


Please leave your comments in the comment section below.
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Who’s The Boss

 I know that this post will get some mad, but it has been on my mind for the few weeks and I have finally gotten around to writing it.
 I realized not long ago one of the big problems that the Episcopal Church (and other denominations) has, and I really don’t think that we really notice it. It’s sad that it exist, and I am not exactly sure how to solve and change things.
 The problem in the church is that for some of the clergy and the structure of the church is that clergy are looked upon as “Bosses” like Christianity is a business. The truth of the matter is that their really aren’t “bosses” in Christianity. Christianity is a religion that it has no bosses.
 As I think upon what I have seen over the years, and have learned from the history of the church over the last 1,000 years, the church has really restructured itself from what Jesus brought to us. Yes religion does need structure in it so that it can run in the world we have today, but the truth of the matter is that the real true bosses in the church are the Laity. Think about it. A church without people in the pews for services really serves very little purpose.
 I was in a congregation where there was a change of clergy. I sat and watched as those who came into the place had no real desire to listen to the people who were there, as they had their own agenda (this was more of the Laity than the clergy.) As this went on, I noticed fewer and fewer people coming for service and people began to pull me aside and vent as to how the “spirit” that the congregation had when they came and what kept them there was now gone. A number of them began to leave the church. As I tried to have conversations with the clergy, it became very apparent to me that even though they were willing to have the conversation, they (and the Laity who came in) clearly had little desire to do anything to try and keep those who had been there for decades. The last time that I saw any pictures from the congregation I knew that my no longer being there was the best thing for me.
 But I think about the congregation that I am in now, and the other churches in the diocese that I am in now and the clergy that I have dealt with. It seems as though seminaries aren’t reminding those who are going through them that becoming ordained makes one the “Servant Of The People”. 
 I have watched clergy behave as though they are ones with superior knowledge over the Laity because they have a piece of paper that says that they are ordained. It seems as though many of the clergy seem to think that they have become the Chair of a billion dollar company, and treat the Laity as though they were simply employees. 
 What all of this it has helped in the divide that has happened in the church over the last 10 years.  We have been so busy arguing about things with the encouragement of the clergy that we are spending less time trying to spread the Good News that has been brought to us.
 We have become so preoccupied with arguing over who is right and who is wrong, we have forgotten to spend time reading our Bibles and getting an understanding in our own ways as to what God is trying to get into our heads.
 But I am not saying that all of the clergy are like this, as there are many who realize that in reality we are all equals in the eyes of God. These clergy realize that in order for the church to survive, they can’t come across as the boss, and are willing to listen and hear what the Laity is saying and desiring. 
 Until the church as a whole realizes that it needs to rethink who and what it is, and I think to put Christ at the center of all that it does, then the church will begin to grow again. The church needs to stop going into communities thinking that it has all of the answers to save the people, but needs to come into the communities and listen and hear what the people are saying. One place that I know where this works is in Oakland, Ca, with Sacred Space. The people who go there on a regular basis are respected by the community because those who come to the community aren’t coming there with a “we are here to save you” attitude, but the community knows that the people coming are there to work with them to help to solve problems that are going on.
 Who are the true Bosses of Christianity? The Holy Trinity.
 Please leave comments below as to what you think.
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The Making Of A Book

 Someone that I follow in Twitter asked a question about the need of Literacy Agents in this day and age of the book world. She wanted to know if we felt that they were still needed. My response basically that since I had spent a large number of years in the book business, that I felt that they were needed once fame had hit.
Now I don’t want to put people out of work, but in this day and age of “self-publishing”, many people really don’t need agents to get their works out there. When I put together my book () I had choices on what I could do. I could of sent small portions of it to different publishers with the hope that one of them would of been interested, I could of sent it to an agent in hopes that one of them would be able to get it into a publisher, I could of gone to a place like Kinkos and had them make copies, or I could of done which I did and gone to a “print on demand” place.
Now each of these have their advantages and disadvantages, and it is really up to the author as to which way they want to try. I choose the way that I did because my title is a religious service book and where I am hoping to be able to push in places that I don’t think publishers would think of going, plus a new author has to do most of their own promotion anyway. Publishers also have the right to stop carrying the book and can make other choices that one may not like and Royalty payments aren’t always that great. But publishers can be a great help in promoting a title.
What is nice with an agent is that depending on what type of book you have, not only can they push it harder for publishers to carry, but in some cases they can help one get an author and their title into signings at book stores and other places. Agents do much of the work that some authors really don’t have the time to do. Yes it is going to cut into ones royalty, and one of the problems an author has to deal with is the fact that unless one is already well known, they won’t always have the time to really give it the full and proper attention that ones needs.

 Agents are also great in that even though you may of gotten your title edited by someone, they know editors in the book business whose job is not only to edit ones book, but they have a great idea on what sells based upon the look of a book. As much as we say “Don’t judge a book buy it’s cover”, each of us have passed by or bought a book based on the cover. One of my favorite books is titled “Coal” by J. Jason Grant. It was the cover of the book that caught my eye and caused me to buy it. When I put my own book together it took me a while to figure out what to use as the cover and in fact the new book that I am working on I am spending a good amount of time thinking about what I want to use as the cover.
With the way that things are going in that more and more books are being made for iPads, Kindles and other electronic readers, and with with the Internet making it so easy to upload ones works, agents are and will become harder harder to find as their services are less and less needed.
But what are some of the advantages of “self-publishing” and why did I choose to go the way that I did? I knew what how I wanted things in the book to be, and I really didn’t want anybody else changing things around. One of the things also is that even though one has to purchase an ISBN#, it’s ones to keep (in my case I used one from the place that I self-published through,) so if the title went from one publisher to another the ISBN# would most likely change. With the company that I went through, and also with many others, my book went onto Amazon and I was able to get it onto the Barnes & Noble website along with other places.
With fewer and fewer book wholesale and distribution companies around, along with fewer and fewer independent book stores around, getting ones book onto shelves has become even harder. I think that the best thing for a new author in most cases is for one to self-publish and to work at getting it onto Best Seller Lists, as once that happens publishers and agents will be reaching out to you.

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Vengeance Is Mine

 I have been listening and watching the things related to Trayvon Martin over the last week, and I am finding it interesting. Now I thought the jury would come back with Manslaughter, I am not going to say anything wrong with the final verdict, as they are the ones whose opinion is the one that matters most.
 Now the stuff that has been “Monday Morning Quaterbacked” since the announcement has been interesting in the divide that there is. As hard as the press wanted to see a “Race War” start, the fact is that it was something that was never going to occur. But now this “Race War” is not being pushed by the press, it is being pushed harder by talk radio and tv, by both the Conservative and Liberal sides. What I find interesting is that people want to talk about the wrong things that Trayvon was doing, but yet they don’t want to talk about the wrong things that George Zimmerman has done in his past. I have heard people complaining and saying that the Black Community needs to get off of the “Race Card” thing and that the community needs to go put an end to the violence that is going on within the community. They have laid the blame in Trayvon and saying he was a thug. Others are saying that George Zimmerman got away with murder of an unarmed child, and have made death threats towards him.
 Now both side have their valid points, but I find it interesting how many of the people on both sides will then proclaim how much of a Christian that they are. It is really sad to see how people really don’t pay attention to the things that are said in the Bible that they fail to live by.
 In the book of Romans 12:19 it says “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.“ but yet people have made all kinds of threats towards the Zimmerman family. If he lied and is really guilty, then God will punish him for it. I hear people say that we should put things in the hands of the Lord, but yet they continue to fail to do so.
 Jesus said “Let Ye Without Sin Cast The First Stone”. People on the two big sides of the case are so busy casting stones that they have forgotten to look inside of themselves. We all have and will continue to sin in some way, and the possibility is that one of what we think of a very tiny sin will be far worse in God’s eyes than anything than either Trayvon and George ever did.
 Being a Christian is not an easy thing, but one thing that we need to do is to try and put an end to the sins that we each commit. We are so busy trying to point out the wrongs of others that we fail to see or own.
Regardless of how you feel about the final verdict, pray for Trayvon’s Family and George’s Family, as I think that is something that Jesus would have us do…

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Just Go Away

Over the last few years I have noticed a number of sites have added this thing where you can log onto the site via your Facebook and/or Twitter account. Not long ago I used another computer to get onto the Internet, and I used Google Chrome to do it. What I found interesting was that all of my bookmarks were available to me. This surprised me, and it bothered me. When I finished on the machine I made sure that I logged off of Google Chrome.

As much as the idea is nice as it makes it means not having to remember passwords, I think that this is a very dangerous practice in that you could find not only your Facebook account hacked, but other sites that you go to also hacked. Oh yes I can hear companies saying how this is something that should stay, but the truth is that they will use it in order to try and make money off of you, but this is a hacker’s dream. By people doing things this way, it makes it so much easier for hackers to be able to go in and get your information.

Sometimes I will get asked why I have so many email addresses? I use them for different purposes. For a number of sites I don’t use my main email address, but use another address that I have. One of the nice things about having ones own domain is that you can create email addresses based upon a website that you aren’t sure about. I have left websites who have sold their email list, and the reason that I know that they did was because the address used by other companies have sent it by the address used.

Now Microsoft tried the same thing a while ago where it wanted all of the websites to use a Microsoft ID, but it didn’t work, but for some reason it seems to of worked for Facebook and Twitter. I have been on sites where you are suppose to be able to be anonymous where one has the option of logging on through ones Facebook account.

I’m wondering how many people will have to have their accounts hacked and identities stolen before this practice comes to an end. If you have the choice with a website to use your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or any other site besides the sites, please be careful.

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The Killing of History

Now before you read this, I am warning you now that this has SPOILERS for the film “Man Of Steel” in it, so if you don’t want your mind clouded by the things I will say, then go to another one of blogs post and read it. I will do my best not to give many examples, but some have to be given.

When it comes to entertainment things get interesting. I find it interesting on how histories get changed like people won’t notice. Oh sure I know that it is done sometimes for the newer generations, but the killing of decades of how things have been really shouldn’t be changed.
I went to the movies today and say the new Superman movie. “Man of Steel” was just OK in my opinion. I saw the 3D version, and frankly I think that I may of enjoyed it more if I had seen the regular version. I don’t understand the reason for many of the movies that are coming out to have to come out in 3D as the effect really doesn’t add anything to the film, and in this case it really didn’t. From time to time while watching the film I removed the glasses and the effects were far better than with them on.
One of my biggest problems was how they changed the life story of Superman. They had Clark Kent doing stuff as a child that surely would of gotten him national notice. Time and time again they show flashbacks of him using his super powers in different situations and yet it seemed as though the press is left clueless as to what is going on.
Now I grew up in a period of time where Clark Kent worked for the newspaper, yet nobody realized that he was superman also. In this case, not only does Louis Lane find him and his mother’s house before he comes to work for the paper, but the military and others from his home planet find it. Now what is funny is that at the end of the movie he talks about trying to “lay low” on the planet, but he shows up to start working at the Daily Planet with his glasses on and people seem to stupid to realize who he is.
As I sat their during the main battle I realized that it appears that the best thing that this world could do to improve the economy and get people jobs is to have battles like what we see in this movie. The amount of destruction that occurs would give millions of people jobs, from construction to other occupations.
With some of the film I got to thinking that the writers had been hooked on other films like “Men In Black”, “Star Trek” as the of the scenes seemed to of come directly from them. Time and time again I keep thinking of other movies and realized how unoriginal the movie was.
I really didn’t find the acting in many cases that great, and was making me wish that I was watching either George Reeves or Christopher Reeves Superman style movies. Yes I know that those were different style movies and that the TV show only had 30 minutes to come to a conclusion, but they entertained a person where from early on in this one I realized that this was done with sequels in mind, but the major studios don’t want to come out with something original anyhow with all of the remakes that they have been making over the last few years.
Another thing that came to mind is how NOBODY has had a problem with Superman being in this country Illegally. I mean come on people, if you are so against Illegals in this country, then surely you can’t be a fan of Superman.
Now this film did have some enjoyable stuff in it, and if one is looking to watch a “no brain” movie, this is one to see, but I would suggest not spending the extra money to see it in 3D.

I am going to give the film a C+

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Thank You, For You Inspired Me

Thank You, For You Inspired Me

By Clinton


I want to say Thank You

To the Lord Up Above

For leading my life

to be surrounded by Love

For the books of Proverbs and Psalms

helped me to love Poetry

You Inspired Me


I want to say Thank You

To my family

my Dad, mom and sister

nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins

for each in your own way

show love for me

so to each one of you I say

You Inspired me


I want to say thank you

To my teachers and to the clergy

Friends and those I had to fight

For you helped to mold me

To know what was wrong

and what was right.

You inspired me


I want to say thank you

To the ladies that I asked out

Again and again

I know that you tired of telling me

That you just wanted to be my friend

until everthing came to an end

You Inspired me


I want to say Thank You

especially to the Jews,

if it wasn’t for your desire for me to hear

a certain persons work

you wanted me to know,

And that being Edgar Allan Poe

You Inspired Me


I want to say Thank You

To be Poets of BTR

Like D’Poetess, Soultre,

De Educated Poet, Janet Dawson

PoetryIsMe, and to the rest

well you know who are are.

You Inspired Me


But to one certain person

I want to say Thank You

I really need for you to know it

For in the last story I wrote

Your Poetic words help me to grow it

Paradyme you mean the world to me

I’ll always be there for you, just so you know it

Thank You, For You Inspired me



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What Ever Happened To?

What Ever Happened To?

By St_Clinton


What ever happened to the Militant Poets?

The ones who spoke about the wrongs in the world

The ones that caused the audience to stand up and say “You know it”


What ever happened to the Spoken Word Artist?

The ones who reached into your mind and soul,

The ones who caused you to think like none other dareth


What ever happened to the Societal Lyricist?

The ones who weren’t scared to speak about societies truths

The ones where you say to yourself, “I am glad that I am hearing this”


What ever happened to the Reality Rhymers?

You know that ones that could write one about a life of a tree

And you sit and wonder, “Is this about me?”


What ever happened to the true talent?

The ones who could write more than pornetry,

by giving us a taste of there intellectuality.


What ever happened to the true wordsmiths?

The ones who could also talk about This

Not just about That.


What ever happened to those who would be original Thinkers?

Not the ones who had some good original works

But most of the stuff in their works is just stinkers.


I know that they say things will cycle around again

And maybe they will do works that inspire me and you

But at the moment I sit and wonder, “What ever happened to…?


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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

By Clinton


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my soul

Letting me know

She feels my truths

She feels my lies

She feels my lows

She feels my highs

She feels my weaknesses

She feels my strengths

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my mind

Letting me know

She knows the good in me

She knows the bad

She knows the pain that I’ve caused

She knows the pain that I have felt

She knows the things that I hate

She knows the things that I love

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my heart

Letting me know

She sees the ugly that I have seen

She sees the beauty that I have seen

She sees the hurt that I’ve caused

She sees the good that I’ve done

She sees the boy that I am

She see the man that I have become

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my words

letting me know

She hears the dislikes

She hears the fears

She hears the lies

She hears the cries

She hears the terror

She hears the love

But still, she accepts me for me

I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my body

Letting me know

She embraces the ills that I have had

She embraces the ills I will have

She embraces the bad way that I’ve treated it

She embraces the good that I have done to it

She embraces the imperfections of it

She embraces the perfections of it

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

They look back at me

Reaching into my aura

Letting me know

I will treat her better than just my Queen

I will give her my total trust

I will communicate with her

I will tell her no lie

I will give her total loyalty

I will give her me, the total me

But still, she accepts me for me


I look into her eyes

they look back at me

I open my world to you

please don’t slam yours on me.


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Love For Ancestors

Posting a few of my poems

Love For Ancestors
By Clinton

I find it amazing the lack of Love
We have for our Ancestors
in the Black community today.
I wonder what our Ancestors
would have to say
if they heard the words that we use today.

We use a word today
Which brought Terror
in the form of the KKK
But walk and listen
in any community today
and you will hear the word used
during the night and during the day

Each time that I hear someone
use that word today.
I realize that they are spitting
on the grave of
Martin, Malcolm, Harriet, Marcus, Jesse Owens,
Paul Robeson, Jack Johnson, Rosa Parks
Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Josephine Baker
Shirley Chisholm, Langston Hughes, Billie Holiday,
Crispus Attucks, Thurgood Marshall, Medgar Evans, The slaves
and so many others
I am sure that they are sad to hear
that word used as it is today.

To those who feel that your use of the word is all that,
you are giving the power to the Slave Masters again
to take that bullwhip to your slave ancestors back.
Whack, Whack, Whack
Oh I’m sure your ancestors who where slaves
are just loving that
Whack, Whack, Whack

The Respect and Honor that
your ancestors will have for you
and in there spiritual ways
will help your self respect be bigger,
Which would you rather have,
the ancestors look at you as
someone on the stage as a
Talented poet or spoken word artist,
or just as a minstrel show nig…

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