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Back when I was a kid, I got into trouble one day over something. I don’t know what it was that I got into trouble about, but I was put onto punishment. As part of my punishment, my mom made me take a camera and go outside and take come pictures. With these pictures I was suppose to sit and write a story about each one of them. What ended up happening was that I developed this thing of writing short stories. It also made me look deeper into things than what was just visibly to the normal eye. Over the years I have written a number of short stories, and have even had a couple of them published.
Over the last few days I have been conversing with a young lady who lives in Singapore over the Internet. Dancingsheeps is a very beautiful and intelligent young lady whom I think will make a difference in this world. No I am not romantically interested in her, but I really do like her and would love to meet her someday. Today she posted a picture that she drew, and she asked what people thought of it. Suddenly I saw an interesting story in that picture.
I decided to copy the picture onto my computer, and I am going to write a story related to what I see in that picture. As I thought about it more, the more that I realized that I would like to do the same thing with other pictures that I see. Hopefully you will enjoy the stories and that some of them will make a difference in your life.
Thank you DancingSheep for activating my creative mind again.