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Yes, you will get tears at the minimum

I went to a friends YouTube page this morning and found this video. If it doesn't bring tears to your eyes at a minimum, then you must not have a soul. You have been warned. Cat gives a cardiac massage to … Continue reading

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A friend of mine named Gina wrote this, and I found this to be a very beautifully written peice. I just had to share this with you. EMERGING FROM THE BLACK HOLE….. By Gina AKA Dream Wizard C ompletely wrapped … Continue reading

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The Fish Tank, Part III

Ok, it has been a bit since I last updated about the fish, so hear is what is going on. one of the black ones died, which means that I am down to three, one of each color. Yellow and … Continue reading

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SWB – Shopping While Black

 At times I find it funny when Whites have a problem believing that something like this really goes on when they are told that it is. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Racism in A Fish Tank? Part II

 Things have been interesting over the last few days. One of the yellows and one of the oranges died. The Orange died first, and the lone orange tried hanging with both groups. He mainly ended up with the yellow ones. … Continue reading

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Racism In A Fish Tank?

 A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to get some pet fish. Now I have had pet fish for the last 7 years, but not to long ago I gave my two angel fish to a sweet lady … Continue reading

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Who is a minority?

 I was watching a short film today at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival website. The name of the film is “Four Short Films about Love”. It's a really interesting film dealing mainly about coming of age. It's a really good film that … Continue reading

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 Well it has been a while since I wrote anything here, but I figured it was time after what happened today.  The day before now President Obama was sworn into office, one of the neighbors in my building died. He … Continue reading

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A GREAT place to go to for a Hot Dog

 Normally I would write this in what I refer to as my Online Journal, but I just had to put this here. If you ever wanted to have the Perfect Hot Dog, and you are in the Jack London Area … Continue reading

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I may not vote for Obama

 After watching Joe Biden give his speech at the DNC last night, I think that Obama may lose my vote. He's now has a ton  of work to do in order to get my vote now. Oh I'm sure that … Continue reading

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