Month: February 2014

What Happened?

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 I know that I have blogged about this before, but after watching what goes on at the Bellagio during the water show I feel that I need to blog about this again.

 What ever happened to the Patriotism that was so high here in the USA? Seriously, it seems to of vanished. My job requires that I stand in the front of Ballys, which is nice as I get to watch all of the tourist go by and I get to see the water show that Bellagio’s does. One of the things that they normally start off with is the National Anthem of the United States. I normally stand there and watch the show and quietly sing along.

 I was standing there not to long ago while the anthem was being played when one of the people that I work with came and stood beside me. As the Anthem came to an end, I leaned over and said to him that it was amazing that nobody was stopping for the National Anthem. He look around and said that I was right.

 So what has happened to all of the “Go USA” stuff that was going on in this country after September 11, 2001? I mean one couldn’t walk down the street without seeing the flag of the country. People were driving down the street blasting “Born In The USA” from their cars, businesses and homes. People had their flags flying from their places. What I found interesting was that over the years the only people that I saw flying the flag of the USA were people who had immigrated here from other countries.

 I also noticed that when people from other countries would get out and protest about immigration issues, some people in the USA were getting upset because the protesters weren’t waving the flag of the USA. Personally I witnessed several of these protest and would see people waving the USA flag, but the reports given by the media never showed that. Still I looked around and noticed the lack of people flying the flag outside of their homes.

 The thought of the flag and patriotism didn’t come to mind again until I saw what noticed with people and Bellagio playing the national anthem. Now I am not saying that these people are Republicans, Democrats or belong to any other political party, as I am sure that they belong to them all, but I am sure that some of these same people get into political debated about how one party is more “American” than the other, but yet when the National Anthem is being played they continue walking along. I bet if they thought about it, then they may wonder how “American” that their claims may be.

 Like some people, I support my country, the President, the Congress, etc. I may not always agree with the things that they have done or the direction that they take the country, but I awake every morning knowing that I am living in the land of freedoms that others don’t have.