Vengeance Is Mine

 I have been listening and watching the things related to Trayvon Martin over the last week, and I am finding it interesting. Now I thought the jury would come back with Manslaughter, I am not going to say anything wrong with the final verdict, as they are the ones whose opinion is the one that matters most.
 Now the stuff that has been “Monday Morning Quaterbacked” since the announcement has been interesting in the divide that there is. As hard as the press wanted to see a “Race War” start, the fact is that it was something that was never going to occur. But now this “Race War” is not being pushed by the press, it is being pushed harder by talk radio and tv, by both the Conservative and Liberal sides. What I find interesting is that people want to talk about the wrong things that Trayvon was doing, but yet they don’t want to talk about the wrong things that George Zimmerman has done in his past. I have heard people complaining and saying that the Black Community needs to get off of the “Race Card” thing and that the community needs to go put an end to the violence that is going on within the community. They have laid the blame in Trayvon and saying he was a thug. Others are saying that George Zimmerman got away with murder of an unarmed child, and have made death threats towards him.
 Now both side have their valid points, but I find it interesting how many of the people on both sides will then proclaim how much of a Christian that they are. It is really sad to see how people really don’t pay attention to the things that are said in the Bible that they fail to live by.
 In the book of Romans 12:19 it says “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.“ but yet people have made all kinds of threats towards the Zimmerman family. If he lied and is really guilty, then God will punish him for it. I hear people say that we should put things in the hands of the Lord, but yet they continue to fail to do so.
 Jesus said “Let Ye Without Sin Cast The First Stone”. People on the two big sides of the case are so busy casting stones that they have forgotten to look inside of themselves. We all have and will continue to sin in some way, and the possibility is that one of what we think of a very tiny sin will be far worse in God’s eyes than anything than either Trayvon and George ever did.
 Being a Christian is not an easy thing, but one thing that we need to do is to try and put an end to the sins that we each commit. We are so busy trying to point out the wrongs of others that we fail to see or own.
Regardless of how you feel about the final verdict, pray for Trayvon’s Family and George’s Family, as I think that is something that Jesus would have us do…

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