The Killing of History

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Now before you read this, I am warning you now that this has SPOILERS for the film “Man Of Steel” in it, so if you don’t want your mind clouded by the things I will say, then go to another one of blogs post and read it. I will do my best not to give many examples, but some have to be given.

When it comes to entertainment things get interesting. I find it interesting on how histories get changed like people won’t notice. Oh sure I know that it is done sometimes for the newer generations, but the killing of decades of how things have been really shouldn’t be changed.
I went to the movies today and say the new Superman movie. “Man of Steel” was just OK in my opinion. I saw the 3D version, and frankly I think that I may of enjoyed it more if I had seen the regular version. I don’t understand the reason for many of the movies that are coming out to have to come out in 3D as the effect really doesn’t add anything to the film, and in this case it really didn’t. From time to time while watching the film I removed the glasses and the effects were far better than with them on.
One of my biggest problems was how they changed the life story of Superman. They had Clark Kent doing stuff as a child that surely would of gotten him national notice. Time and time again they show flashbacks of him using his super powers in different situations and yet it seemed as though the press is left clueless as to what is going on.
Now I grew up in a period of time where Clark Kent worked for the newspaper, yet nobody realized that he was superman also. In this case, not only does Louis Lane find him and his mother’s house before he comes to work for the paper, but the military and others from his home planet find it. Now what is funny is that at the end of the movie he talks about trying to “lay low” on the planet, but he shows up to start working at the Daily Planet with his glasses on and people seem to stupid to realize who he is.
As I sat their during the main battle I realized that it appears that the best thing that this world could do to improve the economy and get people jobs is to have battles like what we see in this movie. The amount of destruction that occurs would give millions of people jobs, from construction to other occupations.
With some of the film I got to thinking that the writers had been hooked on other films like “Men In Black”, “Star Trek” as the of the scenes seemed to of come directly from them. Time and time again I keep thinking of other movies and realized how unoriginal the movie was.
I really didn’t find the acting in many cases that great, and was making me wish that I was watching either George Reeves or Christopher Reeves Superman style movies. Yes I know that those were different style movies and that the TV show only had 30 minutes to come to a conclusion, but they entertained a person where from early on in this one I realized that this was done with sequels in mind, but the major studios don’t want to come out with something original anyhow with all of the remakes that they have been making over the last few years.
Another thing that came to mind is how NOBODY has had a problem with Superman being in this country Illegally. I mean come on people, if you are so against Illegals in this country, then surely you can’t be a fan of Superman.
Now this film did have some enjoyable stuff in it, and if one is looking to watch a “no brain” movie, this is one to see, but I would suggest not spending the extra money to see it in 3D.

I am going to give the film a C+

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