Month: April 2013

It’s The New Cool

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This is really a reply to tweet conversation I was having with @BlackGirlNerds and @GeekSoulBrother.

 The problem that has occurred with the terms Nerd and Geek over the last few years is that they have gone from being something that people didn’t want to be referred to as, to being the cool thing to be called. With it now being something that is be called is good, the term has lost it’s meaning in many ways. Another way to think about it is not long ago when one would hear the work Artist, one didn’t think of someone who was in the music business, but someone who was a painter like Monet.

 The terms began to come into fashion during the early days of the Web, as the money that programmers and computer engineers grew and grew, the stigma of being called a Nerd or a Geek began to go away. Once Urkele on Family Matters became a popular, and with all of the money that was being made in the computer industry, being a Nerd or a Geek was cool.

 With the emergence of the terms becoming popular, and people wanting to be seen as one of the “Cool” people,  the term began to be applied to other things.

 Now should the term be applied to the Black Intellectuals? It should be with some, as they really are Nerdy and/or Geeky, but sadly being looked upon as being a Black Intellectual in our society is a bad thing.  We as a race and as a society still have the mentality that was around during Slavery when Blacks were not seen as being smart, but as savages. Once we as a race embrace  Black Intellectuals in a strong way, then the rest of society will, and then the true Bleeks and Blerds will be seen again, but accepted within the race.

 So ALL, post your comments below…