The Silent War

Now I am sure that some people will claim that this really isn’t happening, but the more that I think about it, the more that it seems so true.
 A few years ago, I started asking some of my non-Christian friends why they went Christmas shopping since Christmas is a Christian Holiday. I would hear all kinds of reasons, and most of them said that they weren’t celebrating Christmas, but the Holidays. Now a friend of mine, who happens to follow the Wiccan beliefs, actually spent some time and gathered some information that explained the Wiccan connection to this day. They presented some great information, and it was enough for me to understand. I then found some great documentaries that talked about the history of Christmas, so between those I understand. But things have come along which has really bothered me.
 It seems as though the world has this silent war against Christianity. This is a war that people don’t seem to realize we really haven’t paid any attention to, and it is one that is diluting Christianity. Seriously, Satan has found a way to get us to forget about following Jesus without us noticing. Rev. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr., St Valentine, St Patrick…. Think about it and what has happened.  
 Have you noticed over the years that the “Reverend” part of Rev Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. seems to be vanishing? It seems as though we are losing out and trying to forget that he was a Christian. This has nothing to do with racism, and I will explain why not below. Think about it. Here is someone whose speech the night before his assassination gave one of his most famous speeches that was clearly a Christian Sermon, gave many of this speeches in churches, but quietly the fact that he was a Christian seems to be vanishing from being related to him. St Valentine’s Day…
 Like many other Christian Saints, we have a day to celebrate this Saint. Well let me correct myself on this. St Valentine’s Day actually celebrates 3 Christians named Valentine. Have you noticed how the “Saint” part has been getting dropped like the “Reverend” part in Rev King’s name has been? Like Christmas and all of the material stuff surrounding it, I really wonder what all of the material stuff surrounding this day has to do with this Christian observance? Now St Patrick has been lucky in that evil hasn’t figured out how to drop the “Saint” part of the name, but evil seems to of make it more palatable to the rest of the world in that it has brought forth people drinking Green Beer and other stuff that surrounds the day. What does going out and getting drunk have to do with St Patrick? Think about it.
 Oh I can go on, but I am really wondering what is going on in that we seem to be permitting evil to dilute Christianity? This doesn’t seem to be happening in other religions as far as I know, but when are we Christians going to open our eyes as to what is going on? Isn’t it time that we rebel and stop business from causing us to worship money over God by stopping spending our monies on a day like St Valentine’s Day and other days? Shouldn’t the Love that so many give towards each other on St Valentine’s Day be not only on one day, but every day?
 Would lover to read your comments….
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