Month: December 2012

It’s All About ME

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I find it amazing the number of people who just think about themselves, and who they seem to be. I am often surprised by people who I think are all about themselves and selfishness, but tend to be givers.

As I sit back and think about people that I have dealt with over the last say ten years, I am amazed at the number of people that are really “Wolves in Sheep clothing”. I guess that it is because I have been involved a lot in church things during this time, it is amazing to me how many “Christians” are the wolves in such a way that one doesn’t seem to notice it until it is too late. Yeah some of them do mean well, but so many of them are doing so much harm to others that they are clueless. Oh bring it up to them, and they have their excuses. They lay the blame on others, and talk about all of the experience that they have, but the truth is that everything is about THEMSELVES wanting to be able to be able to boost their egos and their resumes.

Yeah I will admit that in ways I do it myself, but I am trying to do that less and less in my life. I may not be totally successful in doing it, but I’m trying. I will not say that I am trying my best, as I could be doing better, but I am trying and praying that I succeed.

I think that I have come to this because I have been thinking about some of the great people that have been in my life, like my parents, grandparents, relatives and friends who have lived their lives where things were not all about them.

I find it sad that we have to think about ourselves and what we want over others. We forget about what damage we do to others when we put our own needs first. I watch things like this over at a place that I go once a week, where people will lie to get more food for themselves not caring if others get some. Then we also get people that I know really don’t need the food, but only get one because it is free. But with some of these people who have lied to get two bags of food, will give a bag of food to others if they know that it is someone who is really in need. At a place where I go to afterward, they all will let me know of others elsewhere I should go to make sure that they are feed. One person that I usually give 2 bags two has pointed out other homeless people close by that she feels should also get a bag.

I also am surprised at the number of people that will say “Thank You”, or “God Bless You” when I give it to them. But with some where I would expect for them to say such words, they don’t.

But the ones that I think are the worse offenders of thinking about self, seem to present themselves as such great religious people. The Bible teaches us not to boast, but yet we seem to ignore that. We want for the world to know how great we are, and all of the wonderful things that we have done. The truth is that our true greatness is shown not when we boast about our greatness, but when we are no longer around and people then seem to notice and realize the amount of stuff and the things that we have done.

I have experienced over and over again people taking credit for the things that I have either done or come up with. I find it funny in that they do it to show others how great they are, but when they are asked to either duplicate what they have done, or asked about other things related to it, they seem to stumble. I have often thought about coming up with an idea that I know will fail horrible, that I know someone will want to take the credit for the idea for, and watch what happens when it blows up in their face. Oh I am sure that they will have a billion excuses as to why they shouldn’t be blamed, and how it was really someone elses idea, but I won’t because I really don’t want to see those that they could hurt get hurt.

I sit and watch as those with the ego fulfillment need go in and change things in places where they know very little about and force their wants and desires over those who have been there. I watch as those who basically know where the “bodies are buried” and the knowledge of the history of things leave and go elsewhere to bring forth ideas that blossom for other places, where it could of really blossomed where they had been if asked.

I find it so sad to hear people sit and talk about those with the ego needs get talked about behind their backs, and are looked up as a joke and to be avoided.

But I know that at times I can be one of those with the ego problem. If I have done something to you that came out of my own selfishness that has hurt you, let me know what I did so that I can try not to do it in the future, but also expect for you to listen to me also if you have hurt me in some way.