A Living Saint Among Us

 A few years ago some people started calling me Saint Clinton. I wrote about it in one of my blogs, so I am not going to repeat it here, as this is about someone that I really should be referred to as a True Living Saint.

 I forget exactly where I was, but I heard about this woman who came into the Episcopal Church in my diocese. The story was really interesting as to her journey into the church, and it her story really shows the work of the Holy Trinity in someone’s life.
 I then had the honor of meeting her up at what is called Bishop’s Ranch, and even though I already had a feeling that she should be ordained as a Deacon, and the moment that she was introduced to me I knew that calling is where she should be, in fact, I even said so to her. I don’t know what it was about her, and I knew very little about the role of a Deacon, but it fit.
 I would run into her from time to time at different events, but rarely spoke to her, as I just watched. I could never get that feeling out of my gut.

 Today I went to the Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of California, I was standing outside talking with one of the Deacons when this person arrived and walked up. My feeling of what I had experienced before came back. This woman has a calling that will be nothing short of a Major Advancement towards bringing more people to the fold of the Holy Trinity.
 A few years ago I was at an event where someone used the term YCMAD, which means “You Can Make A Difference”, and that has stuck with me. I do my best to live within YCMAD and at times I fail. As I thought about this woman during convention, I realized that of what I know about her, she really and truly lives it.
 One of the things that has been on my mind is about the political statements that the parties are talking about how the “Middle Class” will or will not be hurt by something, but yet nobody has mentioned how what they will do will help improve things for those who are living in poverty. I realized that Jesus was within them because he knew that the poor would understand his message, where those who weren’t wouldn’t, and I see it in the church. But with this woman I realize that she is really living a life in Christ, as she is doing things to help those in poverty reach to higher places.
 As I was on my way home, I began to think about people like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Theresa, Ghandi and so many others who did what they could to help those in poverty get into a higher place, and I see this in this woman.

 In the church we have a title called Canon. I had thought about writing to the Bishop and suggesting that this woman be given the title “Canon To The Impoverished”, but then I realized that having that title isn’t good enough for her. This woman is something special and is really someone that is truly a Living Saint among us. I wish that we could have some kind of service to celebrate this woman and give her the title of Saint, but we don’t.
 I strongly think and feel that we should know longer refer to her as Sarah Lawton, but as St Sarah. Yeah I know that there are all of these rules in the church as to whom could be declared a Saint, but the heck with the rules, for she is truly one. I feel that it is an Honor and Pleasure to know her in the small way that I do, but she is not just and Episcopalian, but she is a True Christian and in her works God is smiling upon her.

St Sarah, you are one that is truly blessed by the Holy Trinity, and we are Blessed to have you among us.

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