Real Angels Of God

 Besides from the ones from Heaven, I have heard other people refer to others as being an Angel. This is generally gone when someone has done something nice for someone else, or generally towards a child. There are people with that name and even sports teams with that name, but I really began to wonder today if we really have Angels in our mist?
 Several years ago I was invited to a church service in San Francisco and decided that I was going to go, then a few days later I received another invitation to another service that same day but was going to be held later. The first service was one of the Spanish celebrations, and even though it was going to be held in Spanish, I felt that it was important to go. The second service is one that I had heard about, but had never gone to, and I figured that since I was going to be in San Francisco anyhow, I would be able to make it since it was going to be held a few hours after the first one ended. I enjoyed the first service, then went to a few places before going to the second service. The second service is referred to as “Open Cathedral”, and is done outside. I went to the service and really felt the Spirit move me. There wasn’t a lot of people at the one that I went to (they do it in several locations,) but I found it to be very moving. I knew that we had to start the same style service in the area that I lived. I brought it up to  a number of people, but kept hearing excuses as to why they couldn’t get involved (which I seem to hear a lot of within the church, but that is for another blog.) Anyways, finally one of the Deacons took the steps to get it going. We now have what is called Sacred Space here in Oakland, Hayward and are branching out at some point to other places.
 I am sure you must be asking what all of this has to do with Angels, so here it goes.
 Even though I really enjoy my time with Sacred Space, what I have found myself doing every so often is to take some of the lunches that are suppose to go there and giving them out to a homeless encampment located at the administration building for this county. There are about 12 to 15 who live there, and the county is really nice about it, as the encampment will put there stuff out after about 7pm, and will put all of there stuff away about 6am. They cause no problems, and I have found them to be thankful when I have come by with the bagged food. One thing that I have found amazing is that they will not only thank me, but thank me for blessing them with food with a blessing. I have never said anything about it being a Christian ministry that I am doing for them, but just ask if they would like one and pray that things are and will get better for them.
 Even though I had noticed them, as most people would notice this group, there is a woman who sleeps alone right down the street. Even though she is at a busy intersection, I don’t feel that most people notice that she is even there, in fact it took me a bit to even notice that she was even there. Once I did notice her, I was a little nervous about approaching her, as I couldn’t understand why she wasn’t living over at the encampment which she could clearly see from where she was, and figured that she might be crazy, but I went over anyhow.
 I approached her with caution, and asked her is she would like a sandwich. I could tell that she was nervous, so I gave her two of the bags, asked her if she was OK, then left. I did this for a couple of weeks. I was over in the area one day and stopped by and asked her if the meals were OK for her. She gave me a big smile and said that they were and thanked me for bring them to her.
 This past Sunday I stopped by with a couple of bags for her, and we talked for a couple of minutes before I continued on. I had a couple of bags left by the time that I got home and put them into the refrigerator not quite sure what I was going to do with them. When I awoke yesterday morning, I had some errands that I needed to do, and realized that I would be right across the street from her, so I grabbed the bags and put them into a plastic shopping bag and headed out.
 As I approached her, she saw me, smiled and gave the peace sign. I walked up to her and gave her the bag and we talked for a bit. I think that we had a very nice conversation, and I did learn a few things about her. I think that I will stop by and see her more often.
 As I was walking the street after seeing her, for some reason the word Angel came to mind, and I began to wonder what the real meaning of Angel is. I think that most of the time when we thing of Angels, they are living in Heaven playing harps and praising God, which I am sure that there are Angels doing that. I have also heard stories about in order for Angels to get their wings, they have to come and do something good for someone here on earth.
 But then I began to wonder about something. Are some of the people that we see on a daily basis really Angels who have come back in order to earn their wings? Are some of those who die young actually Angels who have come back for a short time in order to earn their wings? The thoughts kept coming over and over about Angels, then something hit me. A question came to mind that I just couldn’t come up with any answer to. I was stuck.
 I suddenly began to wonder if when the woman saw me approached her, she has started to think of me as a type of Angel? Then I began to wonder if I thought of her as an Angel? Then that question came to mind. In reality, are we all suppose to be and act like Angels here on Earth in order to gain not only entrance into Heaven, but to earn our wings? Are we the Angels that we hear and talk about, but because we have taught each generation to think more about Self than about others, we don’t know that is the real purpose of our life?
 Sit back and think for a few minutes about our life and the strangers that have come into your life and done something good for you at the exact point that you needed it? These aren’t people that have stayed long in your life, but the ones that have been their for a few seconds or even for a few minutes. Are these people really Angels that we just don’t really notice?
 Then sit back and think about the good things that you have done for others that have taken only a few seconds or minutes, and in reality even though you felt good for helping someone, in reality by helping them you changed and became a better person.
 When it comes to standing before God and explaining your life, will you think that it will be the all of the big things and accomplishments that have done that you will be most proud of, or do you think that the things that you did for the least of God’s children that both you and God will be the things that you will be most surprise but yet most proud about?
 I saw a film a few years ago called “Five People You Met In Heaven”, which is a very moving film in that it showed someone who had positive effects on five people that this person had effected in a positive way in there life, but had never realized it, as what the person did seemed like very small things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for God to show you the small positive things that you did for people throughout your life in determining if you deserved to enter into Heaven or not, with it not being something that went for only a few minutes, but went on for hours?
 So sit back and ask yourself who you could do better for the lease of God’s children and how by doing it they are making you a better person?

 I ask that you keep Lorraine in your prayers, and thank her for touching me in a way that has made me think…

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