Just Your Imagination

 I was sitting in a Subway Sandwich store that sits across the street from a nursery school, and I watched as some kids were riding on the toy horses that one sees play on. I then began to wonder what these kids were thinking as they “rode” back and forth, then I began to wonder about something. As an adult, when was the last time that one as used ones imagination for stuff? Think about it. Yes we adults do use our imagination, but not in the same way as kids do, that is the kind of way that I am asking about.

 As I sat and watched the kids, I got to thinking about when I was a child, and realized that some of the things that we did then kids are no longer doing. The Internet and game systems seem to of taken away the ability for children to go out and play. Oh sure it wasn’t fun at times when a parent would tell us to go out and play on a Saturday, as we wanted to watch TV, but what we didn’t realize is the exercise that we were getting then. We have all heard about the rise in obesity in the youth today, and I am sure that if science were to really look into it, one of the big reasons is that children don’t go out and play as much anymore.
 As I sit and write this in the library, there is a woman holding her child in your lap at the table next to me. The child is having fun playing with her keys. I wonder what he is thinking as he plays with them? Oh sure supposed experts can will give an answer to the question, but does one really know what is in the mind of this kid?
 Sit back and wonder how things would be in this world if we all used our mind like children do. Most kids don’t really know what racism is, or what sexism or any of the other “isms” of this world. Most kids really don’t have an understanding of what war is, and I think the world would be really more happy if war consisted of people pointing fingers at each other and going “Bang, Bang”, knowing that the person that they are “shooting” will get up again and continued to live a full life. 
 Children accept God with no problems, and with few questions. In them they either Believe or Don’t Believe in God, and don’t down those who believe a different way. Maybe that is part of the reason that Jesus saw the importance of children, but we adults don’t. I think that is we knew all of the things that Jesus did, and his interactions with children, I would bet that you would find him to be more of a listener of them than a teacher, as Jesus knew that children see an insight to the world that we adults no longer see. 
 I remember as a child, laying on the ground with my then best friend Michael. As we looked up into the sky and clouds, we saw them as Heaven, and in order for people to get from one cloud to the other, they used rowboats that were invisible and it would make the angels in them invisible. But I am sure that you are thinking about airplanes flying above the clouds, but this is what we thought. We thought that there were two levels of clouds, and in-between them was an invisible shield that prevented the planes from going above the higher clouds where Heaven is.  I know, I know, “but what about Space Rockets, etc…”. Hey, God makes the schedule that NASA uses and makes holes that the spaceships can use, and has special shield that doesn’t allow the Astronauts to see Heaven. Yes, God can make it happen…
 Anyways, let’s all plan for a day when we will think and imagine like a child. It all doesn’t have to be at the same time as everyone else, but think of the fun that you will have like you did as a child.
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