Serving More Than 1 God

 I got to thinking about this after seeing a tweet by Father Alberto Cutie and some things that have gone on over the last few months. The more that I think about it, the more that I realize that all of us in some way try and serve more than one God. Now I am sure that some people will say that we really aren’t serving more than one God in the things that we do, but in a way we do.
 Being that I am the person that provides the music for my congregation, at times it gets strange in that I am really not concentrating or spending any time really putting my full heart into honoring and giving Thanks to the Holy Trinity. But I do try and spend time giving thanks to the Holy Trinity, but it is not always at the congregation that I am a member of. Now I do try and get to the church when I can and remember, but I am often doing and thinking about other things, and with some of those things it means that I am serving another God and not the God of my faith and beliefs.
 But we all end up serving more than one God in many ways. We have become a society where we have cell phones, ipads, laptops and other things with us at all times. I will be in a congregation and see people with their bluetooth earpieces for there phone in their ear, or their cell phone will not be turned off and will suddenly go off, and sudden;y they will be getting up and answer it. It is like that cell phone is their real God. Of the several hundred times I have seen someone answer their phone once as it really been an emergency that I am aware of. There was a line on a movie a few years ago where a person’s cell went off and the preacher said, “Unless that is God calling you, you can simply send them to voice-mail, turn off your phone and be here celebrate with others who are here to hear the word of the Lord.”
 But we serve other Gods in other ways. We schedule ourselves in a way that is really unhealthy. We end up scheduling and getting involved in things that fall right behind each other, which means that we truly can’t give 100% to each other. Oh we try to convince ourselves that we can handle it, but the truth is that we are trying to serve two God. If you are having to rush from one place to another, then you can’t give 100% to one of them. Try all you might, you can’t.
 I could go on and on about serving two Gods, but I think that we each should spend some time thinking about how we each are trying to serve more than one God in our life?
 Most importantly try and serve the one true God in your life.

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