Month: August 2011

It’s Just A Show

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 Ok, I will admit it, I am addicted a few of the “Reality” TV shows. Now most of the ones that people call “reality tv” really should be called “Game Shows”, as there is really no reality in these shows. I’m talking about shows like Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, Hell’s Kitchen, Project Runway, Big Brother and so many other shows. Now of the ones that I mentioned, I will admit that I watch all but Project Runway.

 I was reading online on one of the “social network” sites about the events going on in Big Brother. Now I had noticed it before, but had never really thought about it, and that was people saying that they “Hate” one of the people on the show. I then read that their are now death threats not only against one of the people on the show, but against their child. Now I have never been a fan of the person on the show, but I realize that what we are seeing are snapshots in people’s lives that have been put together by the people producing the show.

 I am now beginning to wonder if it is time to put an end to these “reality” shows? Yes some of these shows do bring out goodness in people, and there are many good people on these shows, but with some people in the public taking so overboard serious, what really is the cost? Who will be at fault if something should happen to a child of someone on one of these shows, or if something should happen to one of the people after the show is over? Oh I am sure that the networks have “lawyered up” and have in the contracts that they bare no responsibility if something should happen to the person and/ or there family because of the show, but in reality they do bare some of the blame.

 I put some of the blame on the entertainment industry itself. Instead of letting us really know how things happen, they try to create their own storylines that they then feed to us and we don’t think or really complain about it. Instead of coming up with new ideas for new shows, they bring us more “reality” show and bring back remake of shows and movies that are so far away from being good that it is sad. Oh sure most shows now are remakes of old shows with the same storylines, but at least they make you think that they are something new and original.

 We the public should also take some of the blame. Yes, YOU and ME need to take some of the blame also because we watch the stuff. Not only do we watch these reality shows, but we will sit and watch the credits role by and see that most of these shows have writers, but yet believe that this stuff is real. We try and get onto these show thinking that we would end up winning the grand prize and becoming famous, but in reality we know deep in our hearts that we have a very slim chance of getting onto these show, and even a slimmer chance of being the winner.

 But their are people would are taking things to far. we are seeing a small snipette  of these people’s lives, then making judgments about them. We don’t like when other people judge us, but yet we are so quick at judging someone else. We have people out there wanting to kill people who are on these shows, and worse people make threats against family and friends of people on these shows. we have forgotten that these are just shows. The people will be on these shows up to about 6 months, then most of them go back to their regular lives. Now imagine if it was one of your family members or friends who was on one of these shows, and was being shown in a very bad way. Suddenly you are getting phone calls from people that you don’t even know who are threatening to kill you. You know the person on the show as being a very sweet and kind person who would stop and help someone who was in trouble, or would give something to eat to a homeless person, or would do so much more wonderful things. Now when you watch a “reality” show, imagine that is the person that you don’t like so much is that friend or family member. Imagine if you were in trouble in a way that you could die, and they show up and try to help you. Are you going to refuse their help?

 You have to remember that these are just tv shows, and you are only seeing a small slice of their life. Sit back and enjoy these shows as the entertainment that they are.

Hillary Clinton II ?

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 Sitting here watching the news and they showed Michelle Bachmann, who is running for President of the USA., then suddenly I began to wonder about something.

 I remember 4 years ago this country was just starting to gear up towards the election of a new President and people were announcing there nominations. Among those running was Hillary Clinton, then one of the Senators from New York and former 1st Lady of the country. Straw polls and types of polls where done that said she would be her political party nominee. The news and the talking mouths on the political shows were saying how scientific these pools were, which to me means that I should take no value in them. But anyway, Sen Clinton was the person to beat in the political party she was/is in. This little known Senator, Barak Obama really had no chance.

 Sen Clinton had her catches phrases and most  of the hype, and on a daily basis we would her about her on the news. She would show up in different states at different events. People would clammer around her. She was sure enough going to become the parties nominee.

 Then out of nowhere came this guy named Barak Obama. I think that people thought of him as a type of novelty act who was running, and he really had no chance. He had his catch phrases, good looking guy, great family, etc. One thing that people did say is that he had no experience so he shouldn’t be elected. Well it was really the “Talking Heads” who were saying that, but then it happened to their surprise. He won a primary. Over time, well we all know what the end result has been.

 But through all of this, it was interesting to watch what happened with Hillary Clinton, as she had to change up on things in what she was saying and doing in her campaign, as I think that the people had become so tired of her catch phrases, the amount of news coverage, etc that she people lost interest in her.

 I will admit that I really did become interested in her and her views, and if she had won the nomination I would of voted for her, but that was not to be.

 As I was watching the news a few minutes ago, I suddenly wondered about Michelle Bachmann. All I seem to hear from her is her catchphrase that President Obama will be a “one term President”. She talks about being a conservative, but I really don’t hear anything that she can really do to change things in the country.

 Then a something hit me that is so true that people had been saying about President Obama. She has NO experience as President of the United States. None. Zilch, Nahdah, Zero. Think about it. in 2008 the Republican Party said over and over again how important it is that we elect someone with experience, which tells me that I have no choice to vote for President Obama.

 But I also wonder, will Michelle Bachmann become the next Hillary Clinton in the end? Are we seeing Hillary Clinton II ? hmmm, I guess that we will see.

Thinking Outside Of The Box

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 I find it amazing the number of people that I hear who talk about “Thinking Outside Of The Box” who in reality really don’t, as they are so far into sticking to there comfort zone that they really don’t see it. After watching the video that I posted of a talk given by Bryn Drescher, I am beginning to realize how much I also do that myself. Maybe it’s age or something else, I don’t know. But over the last few days I have been trying my best to step outside of my box as much as possible.

 Ever since I had my first website, each site has pretty much been the same in many ways. Yeah I have built them from the ground up, but I never really have taken them a step further, as to do so would mean that I would have to step outside of my comfort zone and let people know more about me than I wanted them to know. Some people knew some things about me, while other people knew other things. The sad thing is that the people who think that they know me the best (outside of family and people that have known me all of my life,) are so clueless as to who I am. Oh they think that they have figured me out, but how little do they know.

 The other day I decided to make a change, and that is with my personal website. I actually went and changed it to a different format. I have actually posted some of my poetry and short stories, and have written more about myself than I have ever before. I really like the fact that I stepped outside of how I had been making sites, and am really pleased with what I have put together. Now all that I need to do is to take even further steps with my web design.

 The one thing that I haven’t done ever since I have lived in the area that I do is to have a library card. I had been stopping by the library quite often lately, and today I finally got a library card. When I got the card I did something that I have rarely done, and that was to flirt with someone that I found really attractive. Now she isn’t as attractive as a certain someone, but I stepped outside of my comfort zone to do it.

 As I walked back form the library, I began to wonder how some people really survive and feel good about themselves when they basically refuse to step outside of their zone? I know a person who finds it impossible to admit that they errored and will even blame their upbringing and parents, along with any other excuse to the can think of instead of simply apologizing for their action(s). I really pity this person, as they have driven people away from them who have ended up talking with others who could have a major effect on their future. I am at the point where I am simply going to let them continue to dig their own grave. They talk about stepping outside of comfort zones, but yet they stay in it themself.

 But I am going to try my best to live as much as I can outside of my comfort zone. I am going to do this by being the person who drives my life and not let others drive it for me. I, through the help of the Holy Trinity, am going to do what is best for me. Oh I am sure that some people will say that I have changed, but it will be because I am no longer allowing them to drive my life in the way that they thing that it should go, as it is time for them to take a look at their own life.