Month: June 2011

Redefining Success with You in Mind

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This is a video of a seminar that a woman named Bryn Drescher did. I watched it and it had me rethinking things when it comes to Success and other things. I will post a blog about my thoughts soon, but I think that it is worth watching. It’s about an hour long, and open you mind as you watch, as it could make you a better person.

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The Conservatives

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Maybe it’s just me, but the more that I listen to the “Conservatives” in this country, the more that I realize that they really want to go back to the caveman times. Seriously. A true conservative could never accept anything new, as it is impossible, as to do something new and to come up with new ideas requires a Liberal mind and thinking. The Conservatives don’t want anything to change, but to always remain the same. It takes a Liberal Mind and thinking to accept such things as ending slavery, women’s rights, the Internet, and so much more. The so called Conservatives bash new ideas and ways, but when they see that they are being left behind, they rush up wanting to be apart of it. Ok, I will be nice and say that they only want to go back to the years when Ike was President.

Funny, the Conservatives are all against abortion because they say that it is killing, but yet they have no problem with sending people into battle to kill and be killed. They have no problem with putting out poisons to kill such things as mice and rats, but they talk about the importance of  life. They have no problem with cutting down trees, picking flowers, or hunting, but aren’t those life forms that they are killing?  The Conservatives will go out and have sex for pleasure using protection, but isn’t that killing sperm? You know that stuff that fertilizes eggs.  A Conservative could never wear the latest fashions, because creating those would require new ways of thinking.

I already know that I may hear from people defending the Conservative Movement defending themselves, but they really won’t stop and think about what I have just written. I know that I could also hear from those who claim to be Liberal, but even they have their goofiness that I might right about someday. But these are just things that have come into this Moderates strange thinking.


The American Dream

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Been thinking today a lot about the people who have come into the USA illegally and the things that I hear people say in this country. Now I am not one who is trying to condone those who have come here illegally, but I do wonder if there is a pathway that can give those who were brought here as small children a pathway to citizenship.
Now most of the focus is upon those who come from the Latin American countries. And in my opinion what is going to happen is that if the lower entrance is secured, it will suddenly be felt that their really isn’t a problem. In other words, if folks are coming from Canada or Europe, no problem. Heck, I think that they will suddenly find a way to be able to give this folks citizenship.
Most of the people that I have meet who have said that they are here illegally have not come any of the Latin American countries, but from Europe. I know that it is because of the way that they look that people don’t think of them being here illegally, but I find it interesting to hear those who were born here in the USA who are not of direct European ancestry who tell of being told how they here illegally and need to go back to there country.
I have been wondering what would be a good way to give citizenship to those who can prove that they were brought here has children, then an idea hit me. Now this would be for those who were brought here prior to December 31, 2010.
Growing up I used to here about the French Foreign Legion. It was one of the things that some of us as kids talked about joining while the war in Vietnam was going on. We really didn’t want to go to Vietnam, nor to Canada, but the French Foreign Legion was the place to go.
Maybe it is time for the USA to have it’s own Foreign Legion? Think about it. They do 4 years in it, and they get USA citizenship. One thing that I would do also is to send them first into the combats that we would be in. I know, I know, that may not seem like the right thing to do, but it would really get them to prove that they really deserve to get full citizenship.
As I was thinking about it, I suddenly began to wonder if we already have people who are here illegally serving in our military? These men and women are already out there fighting for our freedoms, so don’t they deserve full citizenship? How many of the people that have died in the current fighting in the different countries that were have been in over the last 10 years have been here illegally? Are there people who died and saved the life of one or more troopers deserving to have it be said that they were USA Citizens?
Then I began to wonder. What if you found out that your child was married to someone who was here illegally, and they had children? Your grandchildren. The parent is a wonderful person who has treated your child and grandchildren in a way that is super honorable. Would you call the authorities and have the parent deported? Now if you don’t call them aren’t you committing a crime yourself?
Why is this country only focused on people from one area and not ALL illegals? Will the government promise that it will not stop until ALL illegals are gone?

So what you do you think are ways to have those who were brought here as children can gain citizenship? Should those who are serving in out military have it granted to them?

And The Rest Shall Follow

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 Even though I had been on the Internet back in the 70s, I really began to seriously use it around 1990, back when people would use it through BBSes to use Usenet. Usenet was such a wonderful thing where one could meet people and have great conversations. I tried to tell people about it and that it would be the future, but people wouldn’t take it seriously.
 I remember making business cards for myself that had my email address on it and people would ask me what it was when they saw it. I would explain it to them, and like the rest of the explanation about the Internet itself, people would say that they saw no need for it and having one.
 But things have changed, and I have watched those who swore they would never be on the Internet seem to live there lives on it now. As I watched the growth of the Internet, I began to watch as what was a great place to spend time become so commercial and so misunderstood by people who came onto it. I have watched as people who weren’t using it back when people mainly used it just for Usenet were now being called “Experts” on the internet, have explained things about the Internet and have no real clue as to how wonderful the Internet once was.
 I remember downloading the very first web browser when it was a Beta, then seeing things come up on screen through it. Microsoft was great in those days, as one could FTP into their site and download programs and updates from them that others had to wait until they were in the stores to get.
 With the early websites nobody knew what that word was, but people had “Web Journals”, I even had one, but someone came along and put what they thought was a cute term on it.
 Watching things on the Internet has been interesting. I have watched as it has killed jobs and businesses, it has become more and more dangerous to use, and the value of it has really dropped. But the Internet has had some great things happen on it.
 There was a trending topic on Twitter called #whenihadamyspace recently that got me thinking about the things that I have done and gone through here on the Internet. I remember a day when a guy that I was working with told me about this place called Friendster. I recall my reaction in that I thought that it was something that wouldn’t last and was nothing but a fad. I went and signed up on it anyway, and found it interesting, but I didn’t go often. Then one day I visited some friends and their daughter told me and showed me Myspace. I signed up just to keep up with her from time to time, but I found some interesting stuff to do. After spending some time on it, I decided that I would look to see if there were other sites like it, and came across Facebook.
 When I signed up on Facebook, there were very few people on it, and some people on MySpace felt I was thinking that I was to good for them and that they would never go into it. But I was tired of MySpace because it was the “In Thing” to do and people were jumping onto the bandwagon of MySpace. But soon I noticed that those who were downing me for going to Facebook were there themselves.
 Facebook soon became the “In Place” to be, and now it is falling to Twitter and others.
 But now I wonder where I should go next and spend my time? Will I soon find that places like The Experience Project overrun by people who now think that it’s the “In Place” to be, along with the media making claims on it also like that have with other sites?  Maybe I should give up the Internet and go out and remember the days when I lived without it?