The Dollar Menu

There was a story out here about a local McDonald’s that stopped selling the $1 menu. People are upset because it means that the homeless people can’t go in and buy something for a dollar. For a split second I got that “so what?” thoughts, then I began to think about it.
Now the owner of the place had sent a note explaining why, and they had a very good reason. The more that I thought about it, the more that I want to applaud McDonald’s for even making that offer in most of it’s stores. Yeah I have been in some of the stores where there was homeless people, but I realized that with these menus they are able to get food into there bodies. Oh I am sure that some will say that it’s not Healthy Food, but when I go into the Health Food Stores, the prices are so high that I am sure that many of the people who are living a homeless lifestyle can’t afford the food that they these places sell. These people are Hungry, and I really don’t think that they care to much about the healthiness of the food.
I had gone into a McDonald’s not to long ago, and someone asked me to buy them a hamburger. I said no (even though I could of,) but I now realize how wrong I was. I realize now what I must do, and that is if I have the money to buy someone a hamburger, I am not going to buy them a hamburger, but a Big Mac.
This has gotten me to think about a guy that I see in my neighborhood from time to time. He kind of looks like the character “Uncle Tom”. and I would guess that he is in his early 60s. When I first moved into the area, he would ask for a quarter. The first few times that he did it, I said no, but I watched him from time to time when I would be down where he hangs around, and I realized that he is a very nice guy who had come upon hard times and I can only pray that he comes into a much better one. From then on when he would ask it would really depend on if I had it or if I was in a rush, and even in a rush at times I would stop and give it to him. Other times he would ask, and I would be trying to get to the store, but on my way back I would pull out some change and give it to him even if he didn’t ask.
One of the last times that I saw him, he was sitting in his usual spot, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out a dollar in change. As I walked closer to him, he asked for a quarter, and I put the money into his hand.. He hadn’t looked at how much I had given him, but he said “Thank You”, which he usually does even if I give him only a time. The next day I was headed to the supermarket, and I hear someone yelling from across the street. I turn and looked, and it was him saying “Thank You” again with a big smile on his face. I haven’t seen him since.
Now I could write about other homeless people that I know, and the good things that I have seen them do, but I want to ask for you to do something, that being to stop and give some of the homeless people something to eat, or even a coin from time to time. Imagine if you were in that position and it was you who needed help. Yeah some of them will use the money to buy drugs or alcohol, but I am sure that you see some of these people regularly who could use your help. I remember hearing actress Lorielle New mention giving I think an old blanket that she had to someone in her neighborhood. Who knows, her just doing that simple act may have kept that person from freezing to death that night.
I was talking with a friend yesterday and the election for Governor came up. One of the candidates as spend over $100 million to win the race, while the other may have spent $15 million. My friend said that she would be more likely to vote of her if she had taken some of that money and given it to schools or put it into other things. Just imagine the impact that could be had if she had take 1/3 of that money and invested it into scholarships for students who could only maintain a C average because of the circumstances that surrounded them? How many of them could of gotten a university degree and done stuff to help improve things in crime ridden areas? or found cures for illnesses? or even thought high enough of themselves to position themselves so that they aren’t homeless and asking you for a quarter as you walk down the street?

Next time that you go to McDonald’s and someone ask you to buy them a hamburger, if you have a dollar, buy them something off of the Dollar menu if you can, as it will make a difference.

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