A friend of mine named Gina wrote this, and I found this to be a very beautifully written peice. I just had to share this with you.


By Gina AKA Dream Wizard
C ompletely wrapped in the blanket of misery and pain, finding yourself in the destruction of utter despair and disdain.  Fallen again, into the virtual reality of the bottomless pit, the devil's turf, here you now sit.   

The Grim Reaper has now come to your mind for a visit, playing musical chairs with your thoughts and emotions with intent to create chaos and commotion.  Your up is now down and your down, downer that not even the blue bill can stop the rock of inner destruction from rolling downhill.  As if the gravity of saneness has been culled from the ground.   Your world is now twisted, distorted and turned all around, as if the inner logical compass just spins all around.   All feelings of sense of self now stolen from the thief in the night who has replaced your saneness by indifference, self hate, no wisdom forthright. 

All friends good wishes just chatter and noise creeping to a full blown migraine of nonsense in a box of ill-fitted ploys.  Pandora's box of minds tyranny,  has now taken flight, like a winged bat on a mission soaring into the night.    The full moon has risen and has raised hell with your plight.  Your thoughts are of darkness and won't turn off with the light.  You are of ill fit of the mind and of all but distraught,  feeling bruised and all beat up yet it is only yourself,  that you fought. 

Deep down into the black hole of nothingness in a place called nowhere.  The stillness of nothing, absent of all, nothing good worth hearing, not even the sound of the cricket's call.  Closed out from the world, removed from it all. 

Alone, without comfort, from the deafening silence of BLACK,  only sleep can bear witness from the self-defeating thoughts which attack. 

Now, the time has come to scratch your way from a place of hell, a hole so deep, you no longer know just how deep you fell.  What toll must be paid, coming up from such hole, climbing up the walls of self-defeating dirt that has covered your soul.   Upward and onward you climb but the earth seems to crumble under your grasp, you fall from the ledge of ill thoughts from your past.

You grab onto the walls of dirt to lift yourself up but the sand slips from your clenched fingertips.   Push and climb, you dredge forward  two paces up only to  fall back down one, perhaps it would of been best, if hadn't begun.  

You remind yourself to think of a better future, a brighter day await, only to ponder such theory of who has taken such bait.  Hope you decide is better than none, so again you attempt the climb now as an Olympian with a prize to be won.   

You claw your way to the surface inch by inch from sheer determination and fortitude. A profound mental image etched in your newly found attitude.

Fiinally, after what seems like eternal damnation, you pull yourself out of the wretched black hole, feeling alive, you dust off your soul.  Your face now turned up to that glaring light, you quickly squint in pain and cover your eyes from that which is blinding bright.    As your pupils retract and you stand upright, your body adjust's to the brilliant light…..SUNSHINE.

Welcome Back.

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