Who is a minority?

 I was watching a short film today at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival website. The name of the film is “Four Short Films about Love”. It's a really interesting film dealing mainly about coming of age. It's a really good film that I think people should watch. But as I watched it, something was said during it that has me wondering, “Who is a minority?” 

 Being Black, I have heard all of my life that I am a minority in this country. I accept that fact, and embrace it. I have no problem with it because in this country Blacks are just a minority in the number of people.
 Over the last few years I have heard about other groups of people referring themselves that minorities outside of racial minorities. in some cases I wonder what really makes them a minority? I have heard women referred to as being a minority, but yet in reality women are a majority of people in this country. How can a majority be a minority? The LGBT community shouts that they are a minority? In the film, one of the girls says that she is a minority because she is Jewish. I've seen where some of the conservative Anglicans in this country say that they are a minority. I've heard and seen others say that they are a minority and that they are being oppressed because of it.
 Now I can understand it when it comes to those of us who are not White, but I am wondering if the term is being thrown around to easily? Should we come up with other terms when it comes to different groups? With the way that the term is used, who in this country can't say that they aren't a minority?
 Well, this is just some “food for thought” for you to think about.
 Here is the film. I hope that you enjoy it.
Four Short Films about Love

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