Our MultiCultural and Ethnicity is showing

 First I must wish Bishop Marc and his family my prayers, as they lost their beloved dog after 14 years. When Bishop Marc and Sheila made their first visit to my congregation a few years ago, they couldn't stay as long as they might have wanted to stay, for their dog wasn't doing well. Since that time, I have asked about the dog, which I think that they liked. Sadly today when I went onto Facebook, Bishop Marc had posted that his beloved dog has passed. So please keep him and his family in your prayers.

 I had to go to DioHouse yesterday for a meeting with Bishop Steven. After the meeting I headed to the bathroom, and suddenly I noticed on the walls a bunch of photographs and quotes from People of Color on the walls. It brought tears to my eyes. After years of going into that place and seeing only pictures of White males on the walls, it made me realize that the Diocese of California really does care about ALL of its people. The exhibit is up for a little while, but my hope is that the moral that I am in stays up. I don't want it to stay up because I am in it, but because it will be a reminder and will show all that this is a diocese that cares for all of its people.

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