Well it has been a while since I wrote anything here, but I figured it was time after what happened today.

 The day before now President Obama was sworn into office, one of the neighbors in my building died. He was a great guy, and it was to bad that he didn't live another 36 hours. After his funeral, I went to the wake which was held at a building where a theater is that I used to go to all of the time. As I sat their with a couple of other people, and a woman came around passing out postcards of an upcoming play that she was going to be in at the theater. It looked interesting, so I decided that since it had been years since I had been to a play, that I would go.
 I got up and went to church this morning, and had a feeling during the Spanish service that it wasn't going to be a good day, because we only had about 12 people for that service. At the next service, I had a feeling that I really shouldn't go to this play, since the only people were me and the pastor. 
 I go home, watch some stuff on the Internet, then get changed. As I come out of my building, I see the bus just a few blocks away. Why didn't I just go back into the apartment. I jump on the bus, and the Translink machine isn't working. Luckily for me, the bus driver tells me not to worry and to have a seat.
 I arrived at the theater and bought a ticket. Still something in me told me not to.
 The play was about Harriet Tubman. I figured that it would be a good play to see, and had even thought about calling Divine Angel a call to see if her and her son would be interested in seeing it, but I hadn't talked to her in several years, and she was pretty pissed with me the last time that we even spoke. I'm glad that I didn't, as she would of beat the crap out of me afterwards.
 This play had to be the worse play that I have never seen in my life. I have seen school plays which were far better. By the time that it was over, I was wondering if I should refer to myself as being a Negro to avoid being associated racially with the people who put this play on. It was really sad.
 Now don't get me wrong, the play did have a couple of great actors in it, in fact the woman who played Harriet Tubman did a great job, and this was her very first play. The person who did the best played Frederick Douglas. But a couple of the people kept forgetting their lines, and it was obvious. The play was very disjointed and parts of it just shouldn't of been in it. One character was a white slave catcher, who had one seen that lasted maybe 3 minutes. He came on just before intermission, and I figured that he would be in the second part, but he wasn't. 
 I had started to leave during the intermission, but figured that I needed to be punished even further for my stupidity. The second half was better than the first, thanks to the guy who played Frederick Douglas. All that I know is that I think that it will be a while before I head off to see another play.

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