Giving up on the Youth Group

 It is sad, the my diocese is holding and event this weekend for the youth of the diocese, and none of the youth from my congregation are coming. The thing is that it is something that they want to do, but because the pastor of the congregation isn't happy that things aren't going to be done his way when it comes to youth and Young Adults in the diocese, he is not going to try and get any of the youth from coming, and will most likely in fact do his best to stop them from coming. He has his mind so determined on how things should be, he is not willing to listen to others, or open his mind at other possibilities. 

 I am throwing up my hands and am going to stand back with the youth of the congregation. This person has no real desire to do things that the youth want to do, which is sad and why the youth group never really grew and in fact no longer has any kids. It's about him and the things that he wants for the kids to do, not about the youth. For him it is more important to rely on what people who have pieces of paper say that youth should be doing than to listen to the youth want to do. 

 Nightwatch is a wonderful event, and I am hoping that several hundred youth from throughout not just the Episcopal Diocese, but from other denominations come for this wonderful event. I am hoping that the diocese takes advantage and gets these youth involved in other things.

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