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 You may have been wondering why I haven't posted anything even though some interesting stuff has been going on in the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. I was going to post about the recent diocesan convention in this diocese, and my experience with our Asst. Bishop Steven Charleston, along with some other stuff, but I've been a little busy. 

 What I think that I may end up doing is posting a Video Blog here instead from time to time. I am trying to figure out the software on a video site that I use (LiveVideo.) I thought about using YouTube, but it doesn't permit me to do it the way that I want to do it.
 A couple of quick things. If you haven't made it to the Conversations About Race & Religion series that has been going on in Oakland, you have missed out on some great and interesting talks. The next and last one will be held at St. Augustine's, located at 29th St & Telegraph Ave. the day after the elections. 
 For you with Youth Groups and/or youth between the ages of 13 and 18. Nightwatch will be returning in January the Sunday and Monday of Rev. Dr. MLK weekend. It promises to be real fun for all youth. 

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