Why should I Support Prop 8?

 Here in California we have a proposition on our ballet that states that we will only recognize marriage as being between a male and a female. Now I have no problem against marriage between two people of the same sex, and actually think that we “straight” folks could learn from them as I think that their divorce rate will be lower.
 I have dealt with people online who talk about how homosexuality is wrong and against the teachings of the Bible. I was at an event the other night, and Father Monrelle Williams of St. Augustine's Oakland pointed out something interesting, in that if we were to really follow all in the laws of the Bible, we would go to jail. I also read someting that got me thinking and I ask:

 If you are against are against same sex marriage, please defend your position without referring to the Bible or any other religious teaching.

 If you think about it, no other animal on this planet has a ceremony or goes through what we as humans do to declare that two are together for the rest of their lives. Yes some animals do mate for life, but most don't. Homosexuality isn't just a human thing, for if you were to do a search you can find it amongst many animals, and in some cases that are together for life. What makes what we do so special?

 Yes I believe in the institution and sanctity of marriage. I believe that when two people get together who fulfill each other, if they choose to get married then they should have that right regardless of their sexual preferences.

 So if you are against same sex marriage, please defend your position without referring to what any religious teaching have to say.

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