I may not vote for Obama

 After watching Joe Biden give his speech at the DNC last night, I think that Obama may lose my vote. He's now has a ton  of work to do in order to get my vote now. Oh I'm sure that some are wondering what Biden said that has gotten me to change my mind on Obama, but he didn't say a thing to make me think that Obama has done anything wrong, but he talked about someone who this country and the world needs to lead us. The person that currently is going to get my vote as a write-in.
 During the primaries, I was going to vote for John Edwards. Now I like Hillary and Obama, but Edwards was the only one of the main three who seemed to want to actually talk about the important issues. After he pulled out, I switched back and forth between Clinton and Obama, so I asked the youth group at my church who I should vote for, and in unison said Obama. Obama got my vote.
 But I know that you really don't want to read my views on Obama or McCain at the moment, but you are wondering who I am going to vote for.


With the way that Joe Biden talked about his mother, she is who this world really needs at the moment.

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