Who do you relate to in the Bible? – Part II


Someone left a comment about my last posing, and it got me thinking. The one person in the Bible that I think that we all can relate to is Peter. How can we all relate to Peter? Think about it. How many times have you denied something that was true? We deny things many times to get out of something. Think back to your childhood, when you would blame someone else for something that you did. You would say over and over again how it was some other person who did the wrong, but you knew that it was really you.

Not accepting responsibility for ones action is something that we all learn without being really taught that is something that should be done. We did it as a child in order to avoid a spanking or punishment, and as adults to get out of a ticket or other things. We have people in prison and jail who will tell you that they didn't do something, when in reality they really did.

We can all relate to at least one person in the Bible, but most likely we can relate to a large number of people in it in some way. Peter could relate to Adam and Eve, in that he didn't accept responsibility in being one of Christ's followers and the actions that Christ did, just like Adam and Eve didn't accept responsibility for their actions by eating of the forbidden fruit. They all attempted to “pass the buck (blame)” onto someone else.

Off and on throughout history, people have been placed in situations in which they had a choice of saying that they are Christians, or denying that they are. This is an action that occurs even today. Check out the news stories that come out of some of the countries where another religion basically rules. You will find stories of people being killed because they are Christians. But I wonder how many people were not killed because they denied that they were Christians. I am sure that in some of these countries the number of Christians killed would drop if all who claim Christ wouldn't deny it. If millions upon millions of people were killed because of their religious beliefs, the world would do something. The Nazis killed millions of Jews, and the world came to their rescue. A friend of my mom's just died a few weeks ago who was put into a concentration camp because he was a Jew. I had the honor of meeting him a number of years ago, and even though we never talked about what happened to him, he had my respect because he stood for his beliefs.

We need to stop denying who we are and the actions that we have done. Christ never denied who he was or the things that he did, so why should we?

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