Just a simple Thank You -Part II

I was going through some stuff on my computer at work, and came across a reply to an email that I had written in a word processor. As I read it, a previous post that I had written here came to mind, and I thought that I should email some folks and thank them for the work and things that they have done. These are all great people in the Episcopal Church and are trying to make a difference. Now I could name many more, but I wanted to let these people know that I appreciate them.

Rev. David Ota – Thank you for all of the work that you have done when it comes to Multicultural and trying to help bring us all together as one in this diocese. It has been an honor to get to know you and to see and be involved with some of the things that you have been involved in.

Rev. Barbara Bender-Breck – I want to thank you for all of the work that you do when it comes to Anti-Racism issues in this diocese. Even though I have taken Anti-Racism in the past, and was even trained to lead such sessions, I know that I need to take it through the diocese. If it wasn't for you, I would not of gotten involved in the Afro-Anglican Commission, where I have gotten to know other black Episcopalians in the church outside of my own congregation. To me, you are part of what I call my Holy Triune, who are the three people in this diocese that I honor by doing whatever they request.

Bishop Marc Andrus – Even though I was routing for another person to become our Bishop, I am proud to call you my Bishop. With knowing very little about me, you have taken chances in having me become involved in different aspects of the diocese. With your request for me to be a member of the CoM, and my involvement on it, it has helped me grow in Christian ways that I don't think that I would of if I hadn't been on it. It has helped me to discern not only my relationship with the Holy Trinity, but my own life. I would of never thought that I would have been asked to write a guest blog for anyone, let alone a Bishop.

Rev. John Rawlinson – Yes I know that at times I am hard on you with my comments and criticism, I know that without you having belief in me that I would not be involved so much in other aspects of the diocese. Even though I know that you don't like some of the things that I have said, just remember that I am trying to make sure that amongst the plaques on the walls of the church is one that has your name on it, that shines above the rest. I want the history of the church to reflex more than you were a pastor of the Hispanics, but of all regardless of race. I am trying to get the thought from people's minds that believe that your goal is to make the church a place just for Hispanics, but that you are a pastor for all. I appreciate the hard work and time that you have put in for no money. I want to see us grow to be able to give you the kind of moneys that you deserve.

E.J. Hillard & Rev. Katherine Ward – You two, with Rev. Barbara bender-Breck are what I think of as the rest of my Holy Triune. I think that each of you are shining examples to the church, and to the Black Community of what we Black Episcopalians strive to be. I think of all three of you as being living prophets in the church. It has been an honor to get to know all of you.

Now I could go on and on thanking people from within this diocese for the things that they have done not only for me, but for the greater church, but I am sure that you could spend your time doing other things on the internet.

I would like to recommend a site for all of you to visit. http://www.experienceproject.com . I LOVE this site, and hope that you all will not only read the stuff that is there, but also get involved.

Thank You All

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