Just a simple “Thank You”

Since I last wrote anything here, I was really hoping that I would write something at least once a week, but I have just been busy. So as I do my wash here at Woody's, I figured that this would be a good time to write.

I had a great experience this past Friday, when one of the people that I am an advocate for on the COM was ordained a Transitional Deacon. Michael is a great guy, and he is on his way to Spain, then to Africa for about 6 weeks. He will be back in the area for about a month, then he is off to Hawaii where he will finish is his as a Transitional Deacon and after he is ordained as a Priest, he will work as a Assistant Rector.

Having him as the person that I am shepherding first has been great, as I have learned much from him in this time. I really don't think that he needs an advocate, as he is really informed as to what he needs to do to go through this process.

After getting to know him, I know that he is going to do great things and to be a shining example of a priest and most importantly a Christian.

Here is a picture of the two of us taken right outside of Grace Cathedral this past Saturday.

I need to get together with my other “sheep” soon. I was the person that interviewed her for the COM before Vocations day. I figured that it would take an hour, but three hours later we finally ended. Nancy is a great person, and think that she is going to be a wonderful Vocational Deacon. I think that I am going to have to be more involved with her journey through this, but in the end I think that she is going to do just fine.

This is the first year in about 4 years that I have missed going to the San Francisco Black Film Festival. I planned on going yesterday after church,, since it was the last day, but I ended up just staying home.

While I was home, I sat and watched Jesus Christ Superstar 2000. Now I love the original film, and when I had first saw that their was this one was out I kept avoiding putting it into my queue. I finally broke down, and now wish that I had seen this one when I first saw that Netflix had it. I wish that I had some way of being about to cut both versions together.

If you enjoyed the original film, check this one out. Make sure that you watch the Extras.

I am finding it amazing on how people are demanding of my time, but just saying a simple “Thank You” seems to be hard. Back in September of last year, one of the women of my congregation died while in Cuba. Jane was a wonderful person, and I had a lot of respect for her. We did have our differences, but I really respected her. I was asked to do the music for her funeral, and one of her daughters called saying what kind of music she wanted played. I looked all over and found the stuff, and did the funeral. After the funeral her daughter didn't even say Thank You. At our congregation, we hold a Las Posadas (?sp) each year between December 16 and 24. The people who host each night bug me to play music after the event during a meal. In the years that I have been doing this, I think that maybe 3 people who have hosted a night have said Thank You. A woman asked me to do the music for her daughters quinceanera. Not a single Thank You afterwards. This has happened over and over again. What ever happened to saying a simple Thank You to someone?

If you are ever in Oakland, you gotta stop by New Earth Artist Cafe, located at 2008 Park Blvd. The place is a little small, but they play some great music (both on CD and Live,) and some really great food.

I hope that things are going great for you.

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