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Freedom of Speech

┬áNot to long ago, clips from a sermon that Barack Obama's pastor gave a number of years ago, and it has been used to try and divide the nation racially. It's sad that the press and the people who are … Continue reading

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A Hoax?

I was watching the news this morning, and it was being reported that apparently the call that go the police to go to the ranch in Texas was a hoax. Now things are getting interesting. The reports are saying that … Continue reading

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The True Order of the Church

The more that I have gotten involved in things in this diocese, the more that I realize that we in the Lay Order really don't realize that in the pyramid of the church, we are really the top of it. … Continue reading

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Is Texas Acting Like The Nazi Party?

I use to be heavily involved in an Episcopal group over on MySpace, but I really became tired of the conservatives their only wanting to post and saying how the Episcopal Church is such a bad place, speaking ill about … Continue reading

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