See Ya!!!

See Ya!!!


 Well, it’s been nice having you folks in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin with us, but most of you have voted to leave the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion to start your own denomination. “But we only voted to leave the Episcopal Church and align ourselves with someone else,” you all are yelling. By leaving the Episcopal Church, you have left the Anglican Communion. It would be like the city of Fresno voting to leave the state of California and aligning itself with the state of New York. It’s sad that you all just don’t get it. I still just don’t understand why those who are so unhappy in the Episcopal/Anglican Church simply just don’t leave and either join or start their own denomination. Oh I know why they won’t. It’s because they realize that they will loss power. This fight really has nothing to do with homosexuality or women being ordained, it has to do with Power. They realize that they won’t have the power and influence that they have now.


 I hope that everyone has a enjoyable Christmas and Joyous Kwanzaa. I am hoping that maybe this year when I wish my Pastor a Joyous Kwanzaa he will not be rude to me like he was last year. What he did was basically racist.



I know that I haven’t been keeping this thing up with posts, but I think that it would be much better served if I only wrote from time to time with things of substance then with mindless plat. Hopefully after the holidays I will write on here more often.


Well here is hoping and praying that you and yours have a supreme Christian Holiday.


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