Radical Christianity

 I was looking for some new items to use on one of my podcasts, when I came across a piece by a guy who I think lives in the UK, and there was line in the it that made me think and wonder about us in the USA.

 When President Obama was in office, people mostly in the Republican Party were upset that he would never use the term “Radical Islam”. I happen to think that he was right in not using the term, as like with many other terms we would use it to give it to anybody who follows the Islamic teachings. I believe that most people in the world realize that 99.9% of those who are Muslims are peaceful and kind, but it is that small percentage who are making the entire religion seem bad. It is like with the police, where we know that most police officers are great and caring people, but a few bad ones are making them all look bad.

 While listening to the piece, there was a line in it that got me thinking. Part of the thinking is from watching the Washington Journal program on C-Span. What I enjoy with the show is that they get all points of views from the people of the country on different issues.

 As I thought about what I had heard, it made me wonder if we in the USA live in a Radial Christian country? Think about it. Now we think of radicalism in the forms of violence that we have been seeing in the world for several decades now (yes I know it goes back further, but here in the USA we think of the attacks of 9/11,) If one looks at the definition of the word “Radical” on Dictionary.com (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/radical), one will notice that a word associated with it is “Fundamental”.  In Christianity, many people are referred to as “Fundamentalist”.

 People in this country got upset thinking that President Obama was a Muslim (he is a Christian,) and have gotten upset over things like prayer in schools, Gay Marriage, Abortion and other issues. What is interesting is that many of these people will refer to things in the Bible. Now think about it, aren’t Radical Muslims doing things based on what the Quran says? We have over the years made a big thing out of the religion of the people that we elect into office. We have maybe a handful of people who have been elected into office who aren’t Christians in this country?

 In the piece that I heard, it was pointed out that people keep saying that the “founders” of this country meant for this to be a land of Christianity. Yes, the “founders” of this country were Christians, but made it clear that the country has no single religion, as they understood that people like the Pilgrims came here to escape religious persecution. People came here so that they could be free to practice their religious beliefs without fears. But we have become a country where for some they are scared to follow their religious beliefs. Groups like the KKK and others have beliefs against those who are Jewish, Catholic and other religious groups, and in fact have acted like terrorist in killing people and bombing places because they do not follow the same ways.

 President Trump is making a big thing out of saying “Racial Islam”, but will clearly not say anything about “Radical Christianity”, which is clearly something more dangerous to this country than the other. When the groups like the KKK and others endorsed him when he ran, he had nothing to say about the actions that they have done. He could of probably don’t far better in the General Election with the number of votes that he got by denouncing those groups, but he made it clear to many that he truly supports Radical Christianity.

 But the problem is more than President Trump. The truth is that when he was elected I figured that I would give him a chance even though I didn’t vote for him, but he hasn’t been in office for a month and has done things that if one were to change “Radical Islam” to “Fundamental  Islam” desires, people would be up in arms. If Radical/Fundamental Christians were to really do a comparison of actions, they will realize that they don’t differ much.

 I think that if most people were to take a good hard look at the basic teachings of most religions, they might be surprised to discover than they are all trying to teach the same thing, that being as Jesus said, “Love the Lord with All of your heart, soul and mind, and to love your neighbor has yourself.” The way that it is said from one belief to another will differ, but the message is the same.

 As much as the Fundamentalist Christians deny it, in many ways they are the same as the Radical members of Islam. We as Christians go into other countries and through diplomacy or war, we try and impose the Christian ways of doing things. Now I am not saying that any of this is wrong, as I do believe that countries need to defend themselves, along with trying to get others to follow in the same directions, what I am saying is that we really need to look at our own selves before we bash upon others.

 Even though I do my best not to impose my beliefs upon others, I hope and pray that we come together as a world to love and learn from each other.

 Please post your thoughts below.