No East Or West

 One of my favorite hymns is “In Christ There Is No East Or West”, which is often used during multicultural events along within church services. It is a wonderful song that people seem to enjoy singing, but I wonder if people think about it when it comes to other things.
 When the current President of the USA was running for office, the amount of racism within the country seemed to go on a huge open rise. Now I am sure that some of the people really weren’t being racist, but they were doing stuff because they fell into the mob mentality of those who wanted the President elected, as they felt that they weren’t getting the things that they desired from President Obama, but the truth is that they should of really been looking at Congress in my opinion who refused to work with President Obama, but that is a different issue to be written about on my personal blog.
 If the current President were to diversify his head staff, he could make a difference in how some people see him, but it appears that his ego is getting into the way. With the ways things have been going for him since he took the oath, if it continues in the same way, he is looking at only staying in office for one term. But if he changes he will help this country become a place where there is no East or West, no North or South, but a single country that lives in peace and harmony. But it is going to take more than just him and Congress
 We are a divided nation, as we base things on race, religion, sex, wealth and so much more. We each need to look at ourselves and try to work on making ourselves better people. Think about it. Even though the Bible says that we should not judge each other, we do. How often do you look at someone and quickly judge who they are? We look at the way that they are dressed, their race and in many other ways. Neither the entertainment industry or the news help in seeing us as one, as they seem to find it easy to stereotype people. In some places Hip-Hop concerts don’t happen because leaders are afraid that violence will happen, but yet a Rock concert can occur without that thought. Now before you say anything, think about what happened at a Rock concert in California that happened in the 70s where some biker club members stabbed a Black guy to death, and the truth is that many others have died at these concerts, but it doesn’t get reported.
 How often does do you come across someone who appears to be homeless who asks you for some spare change? Some people quickly say either out loud or just in their mind that the person needs to go out and get a job. One thing that I learned while I was involved in a food program is that some of them do have jobs, but they make so little that they can’t afford to have a roof over their head. I used to go to a homeless encampment to give out food, and I would talk with some of the people there. I tried my best to never talk down to them, but to talk to them like I would anybody else, which is what they want. Of the 20 or so people who lived there, at least a dozen of them had jobs. I’ve talked with some who had to live in the street because they had been in relationships which were dangerous, some who had been in prison and done their time and now living a crime free life but nobody would give them a chance. There were a few times where I met kids who were homeless with their parent(s), and with many of them it was strange when I would talk with them, as the important thing that they desired was just a steady place to lay their head every night. Yes, they would love to live I a big house, but they would be happy just living in a studio apartment, just so they could have a steady place to call home.
 But we live in a country where the President is more concerned about what is going on outside of the country than what is going on within its borders. He is concerned about the people coming across the southern border who in most cases only come here because they want to feel like they are truly a human and earn an honest living where they aren’t being ripped off. Yes, there are those who come here with ill intentions, but most them aren’t. I have a feeling that if everyone who was here illegally were to step forward, a much larger portion of them did not come across the southern border, but came here with a visa and just never left. But we as Christians should be welcoming those who enter here with good intentions, for there is no north or south. 
 We are a world that works hard to keep itself divided over things that really aren’t that important. Think about it. We look at each other’s color, our wealth, the material things, our education, our religion and so much other stuff. We are territorial in that we judge each other based on where we live, in other words the north, south, east or west thing is a way for us to judge someone else.
 When one is in Christ, these things don’t matter as God loves us all equally. This is also true if one is Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish or follow any other religion. I think that regardless of what one follows religiously, if we accept God into our hearts and treat each other with the love and respect that we should, God is happy. I don’t think that God looks at us based on color, wealth, or many other things. I think God looks at the things that we do towards one another.
 At my job, I deal with a few people from countries where Islam is the main religion. At times, I will ask them if they are a Muslim. Some of them look at me as if I am going to say something bad about them and their religious beliefs, but they smile when I tell them that I wish that Allah has given them a joyful time while in the country. As a Christian, I can easily say that to them, for I know that it is only a small number of those who follow Islam who are doing bad things. When I do that, I always get a smile of joy. At times, I will let them know that it is only a small number of people in this country who are all up in arms about the entire Muslim religion. My guess is that if those that are up in arms about things were to really look at themselves and compare, many will see that they are in the mindset of those that they are angry with. 
 As I have written before, I really dislike the term “Third World”, as that term is something that should not come out of the mouth of any Christian. Once we remember that we are one world, we will understand that there isn’t an east or west, nor a north or south, but one world that God created for us to live in peace and harmony.
 I know that this post has gone all over, but I would love to know what you think in the comments below.