But What If?

 In an earlier blog I talked about Howard Camping and the fact that I have learned from him and that I feel that I have actually grown stronger in my spirituality. I also said that I don't believe in his thing about the world coming to an end on October 21, 2011, which is something that he was saying long before much of the world even heard his Rapture words.

Get Involved

 From time to time someone will ask me about my activities in the diocese and how I find out about the events that I attend. The things that I go to I find out through different ways. For some things, someone will call me, with some an email is sent to me, in others I get invites from people on Facebook, while some come from my congregation's bulletin and others come from The Pacific Church News.

Voices From The Pews

 The Christian church is interesting in that we go every week and hear clergy give sermons every week. We sit back and listen to the words that are said, and try to gain some insight in what the clergy person is saying. Some clergy spend prat of there time telling you about things that they have done, or some other story where you sit back and wonder what it has to do with the lessons that had been given that day. Others spend a bunch of time talking about the theology of the lessons, and one wonders how the lessons even relate to their life.

But Where's Christ?

 Now this doesn't apply to all clergy, but I am finding it applying to more and more in at least my denomination, and I am sure that it could be applied to just about every denomination. But I am really beginning to wonder more and more where Christ is in the hearts of the the clergy? Do the Religious Order have it right in that many of them basically surround there life in Christ? Should the education curriculum in the seminaries be changed?

A Sustainable Community

 I was just watching a very interesting interview with The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, and Richard Horton, chair of Trinity’s Green Team at Vital Practices and found it really interesting. The talk was about about churches and creating a Eco-Sustainable Community. As the talk went on, I because to think about my travels around this diocese to different churches and events.