King of the Diocese


 I recently moved from one diocese to another where I visited a church that got me thinking about something, and it troubles me. Now in the diocese that I was in, I was seeing it less and less, but it still existed and I am not sure if it will ever go away for another 10 years at the earliest.

A Time Of Sadness

 I know that I am not the only person that feels this way on the planet, as I am sure that there are a number of others that feel the same way, but for me, Christmas is not a time of joy that the world says that it is. Seriously. Yes it is great to spend time with family and friends, and it does bring people into the church on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it is not a time of joy for the most part in Christianity.


 One of the things that I enjoy doing is watching documentaries, as they bring forth an understanding of things that one could never really clearly get a full vision of through books and/or magazines and other ways. I am currently watching a documentary called “Whaledreamers” that I borrowed from the library.  As I watched it, it got me thinking about different things.

Emerging From A Black Hole


 I was just looking through some of the files that I have sitting on my computer, and came across one that a was something that a friend of mine wrote. The title of it is the same as this episode of this blog is, and I suddenly began to wonder. With the decline of people going to church (not just the Episcopal Church, but all churches,) I began to wonder what it would take to turn this around?

Real Angels Of God

 Besides from the ones from Heaven, I have heard other people refer to others as being an Angel. This is generally gone when someone has done something nice for someone else, or generally towards a child. There are people with that name and even sports teams with that name, but I really began to wonder today if we really have Angels in our mist?

Just Your Imagination

 I was sitting in a Subway Sandwich store that sits across the street from a nursery school, and I watched as some kids were riding on the toy horses that one sees play on. I then began to wonder what these kids were thinking as they “rode” back and forth, then I began to wonder about something. As an adult, when was the last time that one as used ones imagination for stuff? Think about it. Yes we adults do use our imagination, but not in the same way as kids do, that is the kind of way that I am asking about.