A Rant of a friend

Below is a rant of a friend of mine. As much as I love her, I kind of wish that she had a sibling who was the total opposite of her, for I have heard enough sermons by her father about the wonderful things that she has done. Now I know that she isn't as good as her parents think that she is, but she is a wonderful person that I think greatly of.

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Is a split natural?

Below is something that I wrote in August of 2006. Yes it would be nice if the Episcopal Church would stay in the Anglican Communion, but I think that it is more important that the Episcopal Church follows what the Holy Trinity has in store for it. People talk about the traditions of the church, and after thinking about it, the Episcopal Church is not breaking tradition, for it has been a denomination that has been a welcoming one to all through it's history.

In the Begining....

Even though I have a personal journal on my website (www.earlwilliams.net ,) I had been thinking about creating a place where I could express my opinions about the things going on not only in the Episcopal Diocese that I live in, but in the Anglican Communion as a whole.

Now I could just as easily started doing this on my own site, and had even thought about doing it there, but I figured that if I did it here, it would help me to stay in dealing with the one thing.