Who do you relate to in the Bible? - Part II


Someone left a comment about my last posing, and it got me thinking. The one person in the Bible that I think that we all can relate to is Peter. How can we all relate to Peter? Think about it. How many times have you denied something that was true? We deny things many times to get out of something. Think back to your childhood, when you would blame someone else for something that you did. You would say over and over again how it was some other person who did the wrong, but you knew that it was really you.

Who do you relate to in the Bible?

I'm not sure where the question or even how the question ever came into my mind, but it is a question that I have often asked myself, and it is a question that I ask others. I think that the question came from a sermon that a priest gave in a church that my family was in when I was a small child, but I'm not sure. I now pose the question to you. Other than Jesus and the Holy Triune, who do you relate to in the Bible and why?

Just a simple Thank You -Part II

I was going through some stuff on my computer at work, and came across a reply to an email that I had written in a word processor. As I read it, a previous post that I had written here came to mind, and I thought that I should email some folks and thank them for the work and things that they have done. These are all great people in the Episcopal Church and are trying to make a difference. Now I could name many more, but I wanted to let these people know that I appreciate them.

The Stations of the Cross

Those who know me, know that I enjoy doing The Stations of the Cross all year round. I have found many different versions on the internet that are really great. These just don't deal with the traditional readings, but have themes. I figured that it would be fun to create a Stations website that deals strictly with them, so others can come to a site that contains a large group of them. I have found it interesting that the domain name(s) is taken by people who are trying to make money off of them. How sad that is. Maybe I will make a subdomain off of my site.

Third World?

It amazes me that we talk about wanting to live in a world where we all are treated as equals regardless of race, color, sex, age, sexuality and many other thing, but we keep using terms that do nothing but remind us of our difference and divide us.

Was it Copyrighted?

A question came to mind about the whole speech thing? Was it on a dvd/tape that the pastor had copyrighted? If it was copyrighted, has the press asked for permission to play it over the air? How much is the church making money wise fro the right for it to be played on all of the news shows and elsewhere. Now I am sure that the press will come up with all kinds of excuses as to why they don't have to pay anything, but what if it was something of their's? Would they be jumping up and down complaining about copyright issues?

More on the Obama thing

It's amazing how this stuff with Senator Barak Obama's Pastor continues on. Now Senator Obama has been forced to denounce his former Pastor. With the things the polls now saying that it is hurting Sen. Obama in this election, it makes me wonder who int his country really deserves to be elected to any political office in the country? How can someone run for any office if someone that they know has something that could be taken wrong or they have disagreed with?