What's Your Sign?

I find this question funny, as I first started hearing this question being asked back when I was a teenager. Oh I am sure it was being asked by someone long before I was even born, but it was then that I remember hearing it for the first time. When asked, I would tell them that I was an Aries, and I can now remember people treating and thinking of me in the ways that the books would talk about that sign.
Now I didn't know anything about the Chinese Zodiac until I was in my 20s, and I looked up what my sign was under that, and discovered that I was born in the year of the Rat. I did more looking into it, and discovered that the Chinese Zodiac was closer to how I really felt that I was. So when people would ask me what my sign was, I would tell them Rat.
As I got a little older, I got to thinking about all of this zodiac stuff and realized that there is no real way to be able to lump billions of people into just certain categories. As much as I wanted to think that there was some reality to the stuff, the more that I realized that I was born under the one True Sign, and that is the sign of the cross.
At a company that I was working at, I would have lunch with a group of ladies, and because I had the newspaper, they would ask me to read the horoscopes. They would tell me what sign to read, and I would read it aloud. I noticed that many a time they would say how true they found the zodiac reading was for the day. They would always tell me that I had to read the Aries even though they knew that when asked, I would tell them that I was born under the sign of the cross.
Then one day I decided that I would try something. Since none of them would be reading over my shoulder, I wouldn't read the sign that they told me, so if they wanted me to read Aries,, I would read the Virgo or some other one. This went on for a week. I had to laugh because their reaction would never change. Then one day I had just finished reading the horoscopes to them, when one of them wanted to read something in the paper. I handed them the paper, and read some article. She said she wanted to read the horoscope of her husband's. As she read it aloud, one of the other women suddenly said it sounded exactly like her's. She then read the real horoscopes. The jig was up. I admitted to what I had did and how long I had been doing it.

I tell people that my sign is Christian because that is what I truly believe that is the sign that I was born under. I was born under the sign of the cross. It is the sign that I believe that ALL were born under. One cannot put billions of people under 12 groupings like the horoscope in my view, but the Bible does reach and describe every person under this planet.
I don't feel that God would want to just categorize us into just groups of 12, but wants us to be a category of our own. Just imagine if the everyone in the world was exactly alike... Just take a minute to think about it. Would you really want to live in a world where there was nobody else to disagree with you and not make you think about what you believe and not question yourself? What new things could come about in this world if it wasn't for our individualisms? We would all have the same thoughts, dress the same, do exactly the same thing? Could you imagine a world where everyone had the same faults as yourself?
I have heard people talk about who is and isn't a Christian based upon the church denomination. The Bible teaches us as says that we are all different, as we all serve different purposes in the world. Some will be prophets, while others are teacher and so forth. It doesn't limit us to all being just one thing, but many things. It is because of those many things that we have some many denominations is this world. For some, they need to services of the Episcopal Church to feel closer to the Holy Trinity, while for others they need to be in the services of a Baptist, Quaker, Pentecostal or another denominations church to feel it, then there are those who don't need to be in a church itself to experience what they need for that closeness.
If one looks at the Episcopal Church itself, it is a denomination of many styles and ways of doing things. You will find it ranging from a Very High service, to a low service, and it works for the people in the pews of each of those congregations. I am sure that if you look at other denominations you will find the same.

So the next time that someone asks you what your sign is, really think about how you should answer that question.