The Man Was A Real Saint

Yeah, I wrote about him before, but I really do find him to be the person that I think represents humankind the most. I'm talking about Judas.
 I finished reading the book The Gospel According to Judas by Benjamin Iscariot, and even though it is fiction, it really made me think about him much more, and I realize that one of the reasons that we dislike Judas so much is a reason that we won't admit to, that being that each of us is Judas in some way. Think about it.
 In the book, it brings us to see that Judas is one who had his moments of doubt in what Jesus was teaching and the word of God. That is something that we ALL have. You can't deny it, as we all have that ever so quick moment or even time of doubt in our beliefs. That moment maybe for a quick millisecond or even for a long period of time, but we all have those moments of doubt.
 Oh I can hear another thing being said now, "But Judas betrayed Jesus for some coins." Now think back upon your life. I mean really think back, and think of a time that you did something that you knew would hurt someone else in order to gain something. You went and you hurt someone that meant a lot to you for your own benefit. Try and justify it as best that you can to yourself, but in really in the end you did the same thing that Judas did. "Oh, but I didn't cause someone to die because of what I did like Judas did?" They may not of physically died, but you may of caused someone to lose there belief in some way. You may have caused someones beliefs to die. 
 But think about what Judas did. I mean really think about it. If Judas hadn't done what he did when he did it, do you think that you would believe the way that you do? Do you think that what we call Christianity today would exist? Oh sure, it was going to happen in that Jesus was going to be crucified for our sins, but imagine how things would be different if it has been Thomas, or James, or one of the others that the government would find who would be willing to do what Judas did. Maybe it wouldn't of happened at that time in history, but could of happened now, and that person could of been YOU.
 Judas a villain? Nah, he was just a man who did something that any one of us could of done, including you.