Get Involved

 From time to time someone will ask me about my activities in the diocese and how I find out about the events that I attend. The things that I go to I find out through different ways. For some things, someone will call me, with some an email is sent to me, in others I get invites from people on Facebook, while some come from my congregation's bulletin and others come from The Pacific Church News. But the best source for things is this diocese's ezine DioBytes. Sadly not many people in the diocese is even aware that it exist. In it you will find upcoming events, short blurbs about events that have past, and so much more. You may not find something to go to each week when it is sent out, but from time to time you will see something that will surely interest you in wanting to go to.
 One of the great things about going to many of these events is getting to meet like minded Episcopalians and realizing all of the wonderful things that are going on here. As long as I have been a subscriber, I have found things that I have really enjoyed and makes me want to go to other events. I have met some wonderful people that I wouldn't of met.
 So if you are interested in getting to know others in the diocese and to get involved in things, Subscribe to DioBytes, as it will be worth it. 
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