Let Ye Without Sin...

 Over the last few months there has been we have been bombarded with news about Casey Anthony and the trail. As we all know, she was found Not Guilty of most of the charges against her but a jury. What I find interesting is how much this is much like the O.J. Simpson trail in that what the press is showing us is how people are upset about the verdict. The jury has been blamed over and over again because it didn't come back with the verdict that they wanted. People seem to forget that the jury had to go with what was presented to them, and could not have all of the stuff that the press was giving out.
 The press seems to be "Hell Bent" on finding out where she is now that she is no longer in jail, and in my view if they should find her, they will tell the public, which will mean that someone will try to kill her because they didn't agree with the verdict. If that should happen, the press will not taking any responsibility of it, but the truth is that they will be equal to the whomever should kill her. They will give all kinds of excuses, but they will be at fault.
 But as I think about it, the story of the woman at the well comes to mind. All of these people who were not on the jury are in a way throwing stones at her, and want to stone her to death. I really wonder how many of these people have lead a sinless life? Oh I can hear it now about the crime that occurred, and that it was a horrible crime, which it was, but the truth that we all need to remember is that their is no real different levels of sin. Well, as far as i recall the Bible doesn't have rankings on sins. A Sin is a Sin. Jesus died for ALL of our sins, and that includes such things as murder. Can you truly say that you have lead a sinless life?
 But as I think about it, I also wonder how many children do they see being beaten but yet don't bother to stop and help? Are these people stopping to help when someone is being bullied? How many of these people don't obey the law when driving by speeding? How many of these people have gotten into a car and driven after drinking alcohol? How many of these people claim to be a Christian but yet don't follow ALL of the rules written in the Bible? Can you claim to be sinless in everything? I sure can't.
 One of the local TV stations had a show on that asked something like, "If you bumped into Casey Anthony, would you say anything to her?" Within really thinking about it, I thought to myself that I would. I would ask her how she was doing, and if she needed someone to be able to talk to, and that I would be really interested in finding out about the Real Casey, not the one that the press and courts presented. I think that she really needs a Friend who wants to be with her as a Friend.
 I am sure that people would have a problem with becoming a Friend to her, but think about it. If you were in her shoes, wouldn't you want a friend that will not prejudge you based on your past, but will accept you for you? How many people do you have that you call friends, would you no longer would have as a friend is you found out that may have done something bad in their past? 
 Now it's bad enough in many cases when people blame their upbringing when they do something wrong now. I know someone who will blame their upbringing when they do something wrong, but after a certain point in ones life to do that really means that they still aren't an adult, but are a child. If one really looks around, they will find someone who was brought up in worse conditions, but yet managed to do great things. When they do something wrong, they don't blame their upbringing, but will take responsibility for their actions and apologize, as that is something that an adult does.
 But we already know that another case will come along and people will get upset about the verdict in that the person will be found Not Guilty, and people will take to the streets. But before you hit the streets to protest, ask yourself how sinless you are in your life? Ask yourself what had verdict you would of come up with if all that you had was the evidence that was put into front of the jury, heard only the testimony that the jury heard, and their was no outside influence to take into your judgement? 
 Ask yourself how many kids will die in this world because instead of sending money to a relief agency to feed them, you went out to an expensive dinner because the place was a cool place to be and you didn't want to cook a simple meal at home?Heck, many of them would of loved to of just had some rice to eat. Aren't you just as guilty as that person that you are accusing of being a murderer that the jury found Not Guilty?
 Can you honestly say that if you had been at the well you would of been able to pick up a stone and thrown it at the woman after hearing what Jesus said?