"A Man Shows His Love ..."

 "A man shows his love for a cause by the amount of sacrifice he will make for it; and as consistency, honor and truth are the most precious elements in character, who could sacrifice more than he!" ~ Horace Mann

 A few weeks ago I was on a website that lead me to a site called "Makes Me Think" where people post a paragraph about something that has either witnessed or has happened to them. It's a really interesting site and really makes people think about different things.
 While on my flight back home today, I was reading the above quote in a letter Horace Mann wrote concerning slavery in California, and it got it me thinking about my life, and what I would like to see more and more people think about what was written.
 I began to think about a friend of mine that I met for the first time while I was on my trip. Lorielle is an actress and artist that I found to be a wonderful person to talk and spend time with. She also does an internet talk show where she spends time not only talking about her adventures as a struggling actress, but also talks about having a life full of positivity. One of the things that I have gotten to know about her over time is that it seems as though she has given up a lot of stuff and opportunities to try and have some success in a field where so many people have tried but didn't succeed, but I believe that she will. One of the things that she does is gets involved with different charities that she believes in. 
 I also think about Jesus. OK, we all know that Jesus is the Son of God, but Jesus could of taken the easy way and only done things that was popular at the time, and he still would of gotten his word out, but I don't think that his word would of spread out to others. But Jesus didn't take that route, and sacrificed his life for us because he loves us.
 But sit back and think about your life, and what you have sacrificed because of something that you have loved so much. What have you sacrificed because you knew and know you are doing the right thing for not only yourself, but because you really want to make this a better place for all? Would you continue to do your job if it didn't pay anything? How much time and energy are you really willing to put into something, or do you do something not thinking about the time and energy but because you truly love it?
 What does the above quote mean to you?