The True Meaning Of Christmas?

 Now I am sure that I will get comments on this post, but I want for you to think about it for a bit. I could be right, or I could be wrong.
 I find Christmas not to be a time of joy, but a time of sadness. We go out and spend so much money buying presents and other stuff over an event that in reality is a very sad event. Billions of dollars are spent every year over this season, but in reality none of the presents or trees, etc really have nothing to do with what we celebrate. 
 Imagine being a parent who's child says to you that they will go someplace to give their life in order to die for the sins of the people of the planet. We are brought up thinking that we will outlive our children, but here is one who will die before us.
 What would be even worse is knowing that your child will dies not only for the people, but the people that you yourself created ever so long ago. A place where very few of those that you created would actually give you the honor and praise that you ever so deserve by creating there life in the first place. The ones that you gave the commandment to Honor Your Mother & Father, but yet they choose not to honor you as their parent. Oh sure, some will honor you in a way that you deserve, but most will basically spit upon you. 
 Then you have a child who says to you that they will die for all of the sins of the people. You child who could of simply stayed in your place with all of the comforts that you have, but yet they choose to surrender all of that in order to get people to start paying attention and thinking about the way they do and honor you in there lives.
 You child goes and doesn't become a Priest, but a Deacon to the world. You child goes out among the rich and poor and speaks of the love that you have for each and every one, and that the rules that you should follow are really simple, that being to love your neighbor as yourself, and to love you with all of there being. You know the future in that they will nail your child to a cross where he shall die.
 You watch over time as they create a day to celebrate the day that your son arrived, but instead of spending time thanking you and your child for coming and reminding us what happened, and that your sins were and are forgiven, they spend there time in ways that will cause them to continue to sin, and in some cases those sins will be even higher than before.
  You also realize that when they celebrate the birth of your child really isn't on the day that he came upon this earth as it is told in your Holy Book, but then again you do like the fact that they are celebrating it. But then you sit and think about it and begin to under why they don't celebrate it everyday? Why aren't they celebrating the life of your child each and every day. Oh they do celebrate it on Sundays, but then they turn around and  as soon as they leave the temples that they have built to honor you, they go out and commit more sins like they really didn't take what they experienced really seriously.
 But then you sit back and smile, as you realize that even with all of the wrong that they have and are doing, there are many of your creatures who try and honor you in all that they do each and every second of there life. 
 Now I ask, which are you? What is the true meaning of Christmas to you?