The Middle Ground

Yes I know that it has been a while since I last wrote anything in this blog, but I have been busy with a bunch of things and when I have had time to wrote something, this blog hasn't been on my mind. Hopefully I will get back into the habit of writing something more often from this point on.
Over the last few weeks, I have been attending a “Soup Lenten Series” being held at one of the local congregations (St. Paul's Oakland,) and the series has been about contemporary Saints. The series has been really interesting, as we watch a video, after which we discuss what was on the video and the things in the world. I have really enjoyed it, and wish that we would have a series about something at the congregation that I am at, but sadly we couldn't get people to attend. I know that my Pastor would enjoy doing a such thing, but the congregation wouldn't show up for it.
At the recent one, as we watched the video, I suddenly began to wonder about something. I would really love to read your thoughts about it in the comment box below this blog. The discussion also went into this area and I what I wrote down began to hit me hard, as it was so much related.
What I wrote down was something to the effect of “Is there any real difference between the Taliban and the Conservative in this country?” Now my original thought was really related to the roles of women in the world. If you really look at both and what they are trying to do, it seems as though the aim is to put women into a lower class than men. In both cases it seems as though one of the aims is to control females so that they are basically put into the role of slaves. Now I am sure that some will say that the Taliban are much crueler than what the conservatives of this country are trying to do, and yes that is true, but to a point.
From what gets reported in this country, it seems as though females are basically treated like a piece of property. Females are expected to remain virgins until they marry, which is something that the Conservatives of this country seem to want to push also. With the Taliban, if a woman becomes pregnant she can't get an abortion even if it would mean saving her life, which is also another thing that the Conservatives seem to be pushing. With the Taliban the males are the rulers of the home, which is something that the Conservatives desire. If a female is a single mother, under the Taliban these females have little to no support, and if you look at the cuts that the Conservatives want to make, many of those cuts would leave single mothers with little to know support.
But I also must say that the liberals are like the Taliban also in that like them, they have there agenda which they seem to be stuck on and trying to force down everybody's throat without wanting to here and really pay attention to the other side...
How do I come upon this conclusion about the all of them. Watch tv's “Talking Pundits” over the week and weekend. All that they all seem to want to do is to battle with each other and really not try to reach the middle ground on any topics. With both sides it's about what they want and nothing less, and from what gets reported on tv about the Taliban, they are doing the same thing.
But the same thing can be found in the Holy Bible also if you just really look and think about it. People seem to forget that Jesus gathered people from all spectrums of life and was really the person in the middle ground. Look at Moses and the things that he had to go through both before and after Egypt. You can look all through the Bible and find plenty of examples of it being one side against the other, and if you think about it, in many cases it was the ones in the middle who really got anything done. Those in the middle seem to be the Peace Makers on many things.
I have no “ill will” against the Taliban, the Conservatives or the Liberals. I just wish that someone would come along who was the Peace Maker and stood in the middle ground...
Please post your comments and thoughts in the box below this blog...