In the Begining....

Even though I have a personal journal on my website ( ,) I had been thinking about creating a place where I could express my opinions about the things going on not only in the Episcopal Diocese that I live in, but in the Anglican Communion as a whole.

Now I could just as easily started doing this on my own site, and had even thought about doing it there, but I figured that if I did it here, it would help me to stay in dealing with the one thing.

Let me get a couple of things out of the way.
 1) Being in the Anglican Communion is not important to me. Sure it has it's advantages in many ways, but I feel that the Episcopal Church in the USA is in the most important Communion, that being in the Communion of the Holy Trinity.
 2) The things that I write at the moment are my opinions as of the time that I write them. I reserve the right to change my mind any time that I want.
 3) My opinions do not represent the Episcopal Church, the diocese that I am in, or even the congregation that I am in.
 4) I am not a person who uses "Big Words". Oh I could use them if I choose to, but my aim is not to try to impress anybody by using big words, but to try and keep my words simple so that even my 11 year old nephew could read what I write without having to have a dictionary next to him.
 5) Even though I may at times write against things that the Episcopal Church at all levels (from my congregation to 815,) I love the Episcopal Church. For me, the Episcopal Church is my way to get to know Christ and allow the Holy Trinity guide me through my life in a Christianly way.

I hope that the things that I write about make you think and grow in Christ. We may not agree on things, but hopefully you will understand my feelings are the way that I feel the Trinity is leading me.

In Peace,

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