God's Music

 I was sitting in a church last night for a service which was mostly sung by a choir. Now the service was nice, as it was one that isn't done much. It was some men and boys choir, and was disappointed that the boys didn't do much singing, and even at one point began to wonder why they even had the boys there.
As I was sitting there listening to them sing, I suddenly began to wonder about something and began to laugh about it more inside as I thought about it. Now I won't say that I know what God likes as far as music is concerned, but it became a question and a thought in my head.
Now in the congregation that I am in, we have no playing organist. We do have someone with the title of Organist, but he only has it in order to do some work to repair our organ. For some things he is really good and I enjoy his playing, but as far as being a Church Organist, I have had people inform me that if I am not going to be there, and he will be playing the organ, to inform them so that they could go elsewhere for service. Sadly he just doesn't have the skills that a Church Organist needs, but I have heard him play other things, and he is really good.
As I sat there I really began to wonder what God really likes as far as music goes. The choir was singing this traditional old Latin song, then suddenly I looked up at the priest who was sitting there meditating and picturing him as if he was God. Then Family Radio came to mind when it was suppose to be the rapture and the music that they were playing on the station. I then began to think about things like Gregorian Chants and other types of religious music. Oh I do love religious music, but I also love other types of music.
One of the nice things about the congregation that I am in and using the computer to do the music is the fact that we get to hear a variety of different different styles of Christian music. Some times I will play traditional stuff, and at other times I will play some Country, some Rap, Jazz, Blues, Blue Grass and other types of music. Our former Bishop used to enjoy coming to our congregation because I would play Gospel. He would be in the church while nobody else was, and I would have some Gospel playing and he would be dancing up and down the aisles. The first time that it happened, it shocked me, as I didn't realize that he was even in the church and I was just playing some music for myself until the people started coming in. I happen to look up to see him in the aisle just dancing away. After service was over and the people where in the Parish Hall, I needed to check on the music for the following Sunday, so I put some Gospel on only to look up a little bit later to see him dancing again.
With the way that the priest sits in the congregation that I was in, his chair is against the wall facing the congregation. Now I know that this priest wouldn't do it, but I suddenly imagined him as God and turning to the choir after they had finished one of the songs and turning in a booming voice and telling them thanks, he had heard enough, then picking up a phone and saying that he wanted James Brown to come in and give a concert, followed by the Rolling Stones, the Sex Pistols, then George Clinton.
I don't know why all of this came to mind, but it was like the thing about eating the same thing everyday at every meal. I mean that at a point it gets tiresome and you need a change. Is God sitting there when his desire to hear music with like a radio and he turns the dial to something that he wants to hear at the moment. Oh I am sure that some will say that he will love hearing song giving him praise, but wouldn't get tired of hearing just music praising him after a point? I mean wouldn't God want to hear some Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Madonna, Elton John, Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis, Jr., Cab Calaway, etc at some point just for something different?
Now I could be totally wrong about this, but think about it. If you were God, would you really want to hear the music that is done in the Christian churches all of the time?