A Lenten Season Thought

 As some people know, the service that I enjoy the most happens at this time of the year during Lent. I really enjoy doing “The Stations Of The Cross”, as it is a deeper reminder to me about God letting his son come to earth as a reminder that we really need to take a look inside of ourselves and think about the things that we do, along with the actions that we take in our lives.

 Just about each and every week we attend our services giving praise to the Holy Trinity, and asking for Forgiveness for the things that we have done since the last time that we had a “conversation” with God. We say the Lord’s Prayer, the Nicene Creed, the Confession along with a number of other things. After the service, we leave the service feeling better, but we will continue to go out and do things that we each know that we shouldn’t do. Now I am not saying that this doesn’t include me, as that is something that isn’t true, for I will admit that I could do far better than I do.

 I am sure that God realizes that we aren’t living a perfect life, but I am sure that God wishes that we would do better than we do. Going to service isn’t the total answer, as how many times does it take for each of us to do something that we know in God’s eyes is wrong and we come back asking for forgiveness. Think about it this way, if you have a child, and that child continues to do something that they know is wrong and you forgive them repeatedly, doesn’t it come to a point with you that it really upsets you? I think that it really upsets God also. Each time that we repeatedly do something that we shouldn’t do, it’s like Christ is taking the lashes again.

 When it comes to Lent, in many denominations people will “give up” something during that time. I think that with many people it is material things, which is nice, and others will kind of do stuff that is basically an offering. I think that what really needs to happen is that we really need to take a seriously deep look into ourselves ad try and figure out the stuff that we repeatedly ask at every service for God to forgive us on, and simply not do them. Think about it. Some people will talk about how homosexuality is against what is written in the Bible, but will find it easy to lie, which is also something that is in the Bible as something that we shouldn’t do. If you should ever have someone tell you how what you are doing is against the teachings of the Bible, ask them if they have ever told lies, then remind them that the Bible also says that liars won’t get into Heaven either.

I think that besides giving up something, we also need to give of ourselves during this time. It doesn’t have to be something big and grand, but even small things count. A friend of mine started a ministry in several congregations where they made small non-perishable bags of food which people kept in their vehicles. When they came across someone who was asking for help to get food, they would give it to them. I listened to someone who said that they would give a bag to someone who stood on a medium every so often, and when their car broke down under that medium, the person who they would occasionally give the bag to came over and got the car running again. When a holiday came around, they then invited the person to join them at the table of their home, and from time to time would stop get a meal somewhere to give to them. They said that the person vanished at some point, and they wondered where they went. As they were in a grocery store shopping one day, they felt a tap on the shoulder. They turned around and the person said “Hi”. They didn’t recognize the person, then the person said who they were. It was through the conversation that they had that it was learned that the person had changed their life, went to church, had a job and an apartment. They felt that one of the things that really helped them was what was done for them by the person.

 Now think about what happened there, and what could happen if you were to do some act of kindness to someone that you know is in a bad situation. Yes, there are a number of people out there who are just simply lazy and not willing to do nothing else but lead that kind of life, but I am sure that you come across people that you know could use help. I am sure that as you travel somewhere, you either come across a homeless encampment, someone sleeping in a doorway or one of many other things where you say to yourself such things as how sad it is, or they need to go out and find a job. In a way, you look for selfish reasons to think that you are above them. But stop and think about it for a quick second. Where were some of the places where Jesus went to? Oh, don’t use the reasoning to yourself that you’re not Jesus, as you are a representative of the Holy Trinity. You can think of as many excuses as you can as to why you can’t/won’t do anything, but remember that if you were in need you would want someone to offer you a little help.

 I ask that you do something meaningful this Lenten season. Challenge yourself to do something that isn’t that simple. Do something that you think would have a deep honest effect on you and someone else’s life. This is something that you don’t have to tell the whole world that you are doing, but a promise between you and God. As you do the Stations Of The Cross, ask yourself what you could be doing in the next week to show Thanks for Jesus. I know that every congregation doesn’t do the service each week, but you can find plenty of versions online that you can do on your own once a week.

 In the Comment section below, let us know what the Stations mean to you.