Where Is A Church Service At?

 Over the last week I have been in places and online when a conversation about church and service times were talked about. Things like what time a congregation has a service, what type of service that a congregation has, the things that go on during a service and many other things church and service related. But a little earlier I really began to rethink about the topic.

Let Ye Without Sin...

 Over the last few months there has been we have been bombarded with news about Casey Anthony and the trail. As we all know, she was found Not Guilty of most of the charges against her but a jury. What I find interesting is how much this is much like the O.J. Simpson trail in that what the press is showing us is how people are upset about the verdict. The jury has been blamed over and over again because it didn't come back with the verdict that they wanted.

Redefining Success with You in Mind

This is a video of a seminar that a woman named Bryn Drescher did. I watched it and it had me rethinking things when it comes to Success and other things. I will post a blog about my thoughts soon on my other blog, but I think that it is worth watching. It’s about an hour long, and open you mind as you watch, as it could make you a better person.

But What If?

 In an earlier blog I talked about Howard Camping and the fact that I have learned from him and that I feel that I have actually grown stronger in my spirituality. I also said that I don't believe in his thing about the world coming to an end on October 21, 2011, which is something that he was saying long before much of the world even heard his Rapture words.