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Yes I Am An Extremist

The Media Says That Muslims Are Extremist
I As A Christian Am An Extremist Also
I Am Extremely Thankful For My Parents And The Love They Gave Me
I Am Extremely Thankful For Having A Wonderful Sister
I Am Extremely Thankful For Having Wonderful Nephews
I Am Extremely Thankful For The love God Has For Me
Yes I Am An Extremist

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish you all a Joyous Easter and hope that your growth in the Holy Trinity continues to grow...

I will try to get better in posting more often...

Fishes and Loaves

In my travels, I will see people with signs that say “Will Work For Food”. I often wonder if these people are really serious, or just out to get money? Do people actually stop and pick these people's offer? How hard will these people work? Then there are the Day Labors that I see, who do get some work, but how much are they paid, and how often are they ripped off?

What's Your Sign?

I find this question funny, as I first started hearing this question being asked back when I was a teenager. Oh I am sure it was being asked by someone long before I was even born, but it was then that I remember hearing it for the first time. When asked, I would tell them that I was an Aries, and I can now remember people treating and thinking of me in the ways that the books would talk about that sign.

The Hidden Story Of Jesus

 One of the things that i really enjoy doing is watching documentaries.  I was on a site and looked at the titles of the religious documentaries, and happen to come up on this one. even after reading the description, I figured it would still be about something else. this is a documentary that I thin that ALL Christians and people of other faiths and beliefs should watch.