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I was at an event at Grace Cathedral not long ago, and there was someone who was talking about the current situation and future of the church. The person was showing a PowerPoint thing, and in one of them was the statement above. I thought about it for a quick second and realized that the statement was so true.

God's Music

 I was sitting in a church last night for a service which was mostly sung by a choir. Now the service was nice, as it was one that isn't done much. It was some men and boys choir, and was disappointed that the boys didn't do much singing, and even at one point began to wonder why they even had the boys there.

The Middle Ground

Yes I know that it has been a while since I last wrote anything in this blog, but I have been busy with a bunch of things and when I have had time to wrote something, this blog hasn't been on my mind. Hopefully I will get back into the habit of writing something more often from this point on.

Wish Upon A Star

 I was sitting at a table not long ago before a meeting and a discussion was going on with a few of us, when somehow one of the people said something that I found interesting and it made me wonder how well people really understand and think about the words that they use and what we are taught in the Bible. The person had what they said was a bad upbringing by there mother and that their mother was going to Hell for the way that she is/was. I found this remark to be very interesting in that it is so against the teachings of the Bible and the words of Jesus.

It's That Time Of The Year

 Well it is coming up that time of year for most churches, that being doing the annual Pledge Drive/Stewardship Campaign, in other words, it's that time of year for the churches to start asking its members to let it know how much money that it plans to give so that the churches can pan for the next year.