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Pater Noster - Ysabella Brave - Official

 A number of years ago I was on YouTube watching some music videos and happen to come across Ysabella Brave. The thumbnail was an amazingly beautiful lady, and I figured that she would have little talent, but I decided to check it out. Boy was I surprised at th talent she had. I subscribe to her channel and watched many of the videos that she had, plus her new ones. But suddenly things changed and the videos stopped. Turns out that this Angel became very sick and needed to concentrate on her health. I began to pray that her health became better, and continue to even now.

A Lenten Season Thought

 As some people know, the service that I enjoy the most happens at this time of the year during Lent. I really enjoy doing “The Stations Of The Cross”, as it is a deeper reminder to me about God letting his son come to earth as a reminder that we really need to take a look inside of ourselves and think about the things that we do, along with the actions that we take in our lives.

No East Or West

 One of my favorite hymns is “In Christ There Is No East Or West”, which is often used during multicultural events along within church services. It is a wonderful song that people seem to enjoy singing, but I wonder if people think about it when it comes to other things.

Radical Christianity

 I was looking for some new items to use on one of my podcasts, when I came across a piece by a guy who I think lives in the UK, and there was line in the it that made me think and wonder about us in the USA.