A Lenten Season Thought

 As some people know, the service that I enjoy the most happens at this time of the year during Lent. I really enjoy doing “The Stations Of The Cross”, as it is a deeper reminder to me about God letting his son come to earth as a reminder that we really need to take a look inside of ourselves and think about the things that we do, along with the actions that we take in our lives.

No East Or West

 One of my favorite hymns is “In Christ There Is No East Or West”, which is often used during multicultural events along within church services. It is a wonderful song that people seem to enjoy singing, but I wonder if people think about it when it comes to other things.

The Pope's Music

 I was sitting at home watching on the events that was going on while Pope Francis was in the USA. Everything was looking very regal and ceremonial as I figured that it would, then something hit me which made me wonder. Do Popes, Bishops, ArchBishops, etc every get tired of the ceremonial stuff music wise that goes with these high services? Yes the chanting and hymns are all nice, but when a Bishop does his visitation to a congregation are they asked what kind of music they would like to hear?

Self Importance

I had started writing this blog post a number of months ago, but for some reason I just never got around to finishing it. I have a feeling that God thought that it wasn't the time, so I never came up on a conclusion for it. Resent events have occurred that brought the topic back into my mind, so I figured that this must be the time for me to write this.


The People Of Neverwhere

(I'm actually posting this on both of my blogs)
 The BBC did a miniseries called “Neverwhere” a number of years ago that was written by Niel Gaiman and Lenny Henry.  It was a very good scifi series that mainly dealt with a fictional underground world in London. One of the lines one of the characters said had to do with how we really never notice people and how quickly we forget about many of the people that we do see, especially those that are homeless.

The Same But Different

 My church life has been interesting since moving to a new diocese. My involvement in the church has basically vanished outside of  going to church and sitting in the pews each Sunday, but after going to three or four different services each Sunday along with being in other churches during the week, it actually feels good to just be a “Pew Sitter” each week.